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Lo­gis­tics and tech­nical means for ROBIN Pépinières Christmas trees.

ROBIN Pépinières has the tech­nical means and specific hard­ware to cut, wrap, trim, pal­letize and de­liver our Christmas trees in the best con­di­tions pos­sible.

Choosing and cutting the Christmas trees in the fields

Cut­ting the ROBIN Pépinières Christmas trees.

All the Christmas trees are in­di­vid­u­ally marked in the fields be­fore being cut in order to cut only top quality trees.

They are cut with a chain saw then wrapped: in­deed, all our Christmas trees up to 3 me­ters high are de­liv­ered wrapped in a net.

This op­er­a­tion can be done di­rectly in the fields (or, in some cases, they are brought back to the de­livery plat­form where they are wrapped then pack­aged on pal­lets).

The wrap­ping of ROBIN Pépinières Christmas trees.

The wrapping of ROBIN Pépinières Christmas trees in the fields.We have the nec­es­sary equipement to cut, wrap di­rectly in the fields and load big Christmas trees up to 11/12 me­ters high.

We have a packer that was espe­cially de­signed and built in the nursery by our tech­ni­cians and me­chanics, which helps us wrap the biggest trees without risking to damage the branches during de­livery.

For trees be­tween 60 cm and 2.50 m high, we use hy­draulic wrap­pers to wrap the trees in a net.

Freshly cut trees.Cultivation of Christmas trees in Saint Laurent du Cros, 1250 meters high, in January

80% of our Christmas trees are grown where our head­quar­ters are lo­cated, i.e. less than 30 min­utes from our head­quar­ters.

This al­lows to re­duce the time be­tween the cut­ting-out and the pack­aging and de­livery and to guar­antee an op­timum fresh­ness.

Cutting the bottom of Christmas trees with a machine.

Cut­ting the bottom of Christmas trees with a ma­chine

If you need to, cut Christmas trees can be de­liv­ered with the bottom cut back so that they can be set on a log or a disk.


A log A disk a range of logs.


Our pal­letize ma­chines.

They help package Christmas trees hor­i­zon­tally without dam­aging them. This system al­lows to gain room during trans­porta­tion and to save time during un­loading op­er­a­tions at the cus­tomer's. It is avail­able for trees from 0.60 m high to 2.40 m high.

palletize machine on the loading platformone pallet (dimensions : 240 x 120 x h120 cm) can contain from 150 up to 300 Christmas trees depending on the species and size

Our de­livery system.
The loading of Christmas trees on pallets allows to save time during the loading on the platform and the unloading at our clients

De­liv­eries are made with our own ve­hi­cles.
For larger de­liv­eries, we charter di­rectly partner trans­port com­pa­nies equipped with ar­tic­u­lated lor­ries.


Wrap­ping of Christmas trees in a net for trees up to 12 me­ters high.

Large Christmas trees (up to 10m high) are wrapped to protect the branches during the delivery Large Christmas trees (up to 10m high) are wrapped to protect the branches during the delivery