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A geo­graph­ical lo­ca­tion which is po­ten­tially favourable to truffle growing in France.

The geo­graph­ical lo­ca­tion, the cli­mate and the soil (phys­ical and chem­ical prop­er­ties) are the fun­da­mental fac­tors for a suc­cessful truffle or­chard.

The cli­mate.

There must be a suf­fi­cient but not ex­ces­sive sea­sonal al­ter­na­tion, where plu­viom­etry, tem­per­a­ture In­so­la­tion are well bal­anced and well dis­tributed throughout the growth season.

Map of favourable soils for truffles The to­pog­raphy

The truffle likes to be on plateaus and gentle slopes. Avoid low points, val­leys, do­lines which are very often sub­ject to frosts in spring and large ac­cu­mu­la­tions of water coming from the run off of streams.
These ac­cu­mu­la­tions of water can be harmful to the de­vel­op­ment of the truffle.
The ideal ori­en­ta­tion to choose is south, south-east, south-west be­cause sun­shine should be max­imal for Tuber me­lanosporum. Although for the Tuber un­ci­natum, ori­en­ta­tion is not very im­por­tant.

Pe­do­cli­matic zones po­ten­tially favourable to truffle growing in France.

( ROBIN patented map - pho­to­copies for­bidden )


Cap­tion for soils:

  • Soils favourable to­lanosporum and T.un­ci­natum: chalky parent rock, pH>7 and argile rate < 35%
  • Soils favourable to T.un­ci­natum and some­times­lanosporum (if argile rate < 45% and slope or high rock load): chalky parent rock, pH>7 and argile rate < 35% to 60%..
  • Soils un­favourable to­lanosporum and T.un­ci­natum: non-chalky parent rock, and/or pH<7 and/or argile rate > 60% and/or hy­dro­mor­pheus soil (bad drainage).
  • No soil or lack of data