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ROBIN Pépinières truffle tree

A ROBIN Pépinières in­no­va­tion and ex­clu­sivity

CHAMPION® White truffle oak (Quercus pubescens) which produces its first truffles only 5 years after plantation on this truffle orchard. Eventually, 100% of the CHAMPION® truffle oaks « burn»An in­no­va­tive con­cept and re­mark­able per­spec­tives for im­proving the yield of truffle fields. Within the frame­work of our re­search and de­vel­op­ment work, we can offer you for your truffle plan­ta­tions, our Truffle trees ob­tained from nat­u­rally high yielders trees

We call these truffle trees AR­BRES CHAM­PION® a con­cept de­fined since 1995 by les Pépinières ROBIN. These truffle plants are from plant ma­te­rial ob­tained by veg­e­ta­tive prop­a­ga­tion from truffle trees having dis­played an ex­cep­tional ca­pacity for truffle pro­duc­tion. The veg­e­ta­tive prop­a­ga­tion con­sists of pro­ducing iden­tical trees, by pre­serving all their ge­netic char­ac­ter­is­tics.

The young plants ob­tained ei­ther by taking cut­tings or by prop­a­ga­tion in vitro, are then inoc­u­lated with Tuber me­lanosporum, and grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainer.


The sci­en­tific point of view :

Sci­en­tific work has shown a strong ge­netic vari­ability within the
dif­ferent species of Oak (quercus spp.) which is re­flected in a
large fluc­tu­a­tion in phe­no­typic traits. All of this knowl­edge has
en­abled us to for­mu­late the hy­poth­esis that cer­tain traits have
an im­por­tant in­flu­ence on the pro­duc­tion of truf­fles.

The pro­gramme « ARBRE CHAM­PION® at Pépinières ROBIN

Plantation over 8Ha of CHAMPION® white truffle oak (Quercus pubescens) grown in GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® container. 4 years after the plantation, 100 %  of the CHAMPION® truffle oaks « burn», and 7% started to produce truffles as soon as the 4th year.The pro­gramme « ARBRE CHAM­PION® at Pépinières ROBIN planed in col­lab­o­ra­tion with INRA has been de­signed to check the hy­poth­esis of the trans­mis­sion of cer­tain in­ter­esting traits for the cul­ture of truf­fles be­tween the gen­er­a­tions, in par­tic­ular the her­i­tability of the « high yielder » char­acter.

Sev­eral good pro­ducers trees have been rec­og­nized in dif­ferent French truffle pro­ducing areas fol­lowing a prospec­tion by the com­pany since 1995.

Plants pro­duced by veg­e­ta­tive prop­a­ga­tion pro­duce truf­fles like tra­di­tional plants
pro­duced from seedlings (G CHEVA­LIER (Le Truf­fi­cul­teur –Dec. 2000))

Prop­a­ga­tion from non ax­enic cut­tings from dif­ferent pro­duc­tive trees re­sulted in
the pro­duc­tion of sev­eral clones (*) of pubescent oak and of green oak starting in 1998.

A clone is a group of young rooted plants coming from the same in­di­vidual plant through asexual re­pro­duc­tion. These clones are ho­moge­nous and ge­net­i­cally iden­tical and con­sti­tute a first rate ma­te­rial. They have nothing to see with the G.M.O.

These AR­BRES CHAM­PION® trees have lead to an ex­per­i­mental multi-clonage ex­per­i­mental plot being in­stalled in 15 sites cor­re­sponding to the var­ious nat­ural areas in France avail­able for truffle pro­duc­tion. A very at­ten­tive mon­i­toring of the de­vel­op­ment of trees and truffle pro­duc­tion was per­formed in the dif­ferent plots, the goal of the pro­gramme which re­quired con­sid­er­able ef­forts, con­sists in estab­lishing the su­pe­ri­ority of truffle plants grown from cut­tings from trees with a very high yield of truf­fles over tra­di­tional truffle trees pro­duced from seedlings.

Anal­ysis of the ROBIN Pépinières ARBRE CHAM­PION® pro­gramme

The de­­tailed, rig­orous and ob­­jec­­tive anal­­ysis of the data (le Truf­­fi­cul­­teur Dec.2007) each year greater and more sig­nif­i­­cant re­­sults are ob­­tained sup­­porting re­­mark­ably the working hy­poth­esis.

Across the 15 ex­per­i­­mental plots, the veg­­e­­ta­­tive de­vel­op­­ment of clones is greater than that of the con­trols (tra­di­­tional plants pro­­duced from seedlings with the same fungal partner.) On the ma­jority of parcels we have ob­served more fre­quent ap­­pear­ance of very pre­­co­­cious 'brulés ( burned area)' around the CHAM­­PION® trees. On sev­eral parcels, the de­vel­op­­ment of 'brulés' is sig­nif­i­­cantly greater to those ob­served around the con­trol trees. The most re­­mark­able re­­sult con­cerns the pro­­duc­­tion of the first truf­fles starting in the 5th winter after planting. This pro­­duc­­tion is in­creasing and to date is uniquely char­ac­ter­istic to CHAM­­PION® tree in­stalled in sev­eral parcels. The ex­per­i­­mental plan de­signed to eval­uate the con­­cept of CHAM­­PION® trees using a a sci­en­tific ap­proach re­­sults in re­li­able data which estab­lishes an un­de­ni­able su­pe­ri­ority of CHAM­­PION® trees which show nu­merous ad­­van­­tages at dif­ferent levels : ho­­mo­­geneity, veg­­e­­ta­­tive de­vel­op­­ment, pre­­cocity and im­­por­­tance of the yield which open up re­­mark­able per­spec­­tives for a con­sid­er­able im­prove­­ment in modern truffle cul­ti­­va­­tion.

Our ARBRE CHAM­­PION® trees prop­a­­gated from good pro­­ducers are pro­­duced and mon­i­­tored by INRA in the same con­di­­tions as the classic truffle plants and are also de­liv­ered after their my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­­ment has been mon­i­­tored by INRA.

To date, we offer the ARBRE CHAM­­PION® trees prop­a­­gated from high yielders Quercus pubescens and Quercus ilex. They are grown in GODET ROBIN ANTI- CHIGNON® R600 cm3, R1,5 litres and R3 liters con­­tainers

Do not he­si­­tate to con­­tact us or to con­­tact one of our mar­keting people in your area for the cre­a­tion of your truffle or­chard

The super Jarjaye is an exceptional tree which is about 80 years old. It is situated in the municipality of Jarjaye in the Hautes Alpes departement an altitude of 700m. It produces Tuber melanosporum exclusively. Its average annual yield is situated between 5 and 8 kg. It has even in certain years yielded more than 10kg. In our nurseries we grow young ARBRE CHAMPION® plants propagated from this « high yielder » tree

 The super Jar­jaye is an ex­cep­tional tree which is about 80 years old. It is si­t­u­ated in the mu­nic­i­pality of Jar­jaye in the Hautes Alpes de­parte­ment an alti­tude of 700m. It pro­duces

Tuber me­lanosporum ex­clu­sively. Its av­erage an­nual yield is si­t­u­ated be­tween 5 and 8 kg.
It has even in cer­tain years yielded more than 10kg. In our nurs­eries we grow young
ARBRE CHAM­PION® plants prop­a­gated from this « high yielder » tree

Truffier oak and hazel Truffier CHAM­PION ®