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Yield of the truffle or mush­room or­chard pro­ject.

Prof­itable in­vest­ment, lasting in­vest­ment, en­vi­ron­ment-friendly in­vest­ment, an in­vest­ment in truffle or mush­room growing may be an at­trac­tive choice for a sound prop­erty man­age­ment.

Yield of the truffle or­chard:

A truffle or­chard can start pro­ducing after 5 to 8 years ac­cording to the specie, the den­sity of the plan­ta­tion and the cul­tural prac­tices.

In the 12th year, yield by hectare range be­tween 20kg to 90kg in the case of of Tuber me­lanosporum.

In France there are nu­merous areas of predilec­tion for the truffle, in par­tic­ular the Bur­gundy Truffle which can be planted al­most any­where, as long as the soil is chalky
(see: the map of pe­do­cli­matic zones po­ten­tially fa­vor­able to truffle pro­duc­tion.) (map reg­is­tered de­sign ROBIN re­pro­duc­tion pro­hib­ited).

Chart of the production of truffles in France since 1900

The pro­duc­tion of truf­fles which had greatly de­creased over 100 years
It went from over 1,000 tons at the be­gin­ning of the 20th cen­tury to an av­erage of 30 tons per year be­tween 1990 and 2000.
Since the 1990s more than 90% of pro­duc­tion comes from truffle or­chards achieved for many of them, with ROBIN TRUFFLE PLANTS.



Yield of a mush­room or­chard:

For PLANT CHAMPIGNON® ROBIN my­c­or­rhized with milk-caps.

The pro­duc­tion can start 4 years after planting, the milk caps fruit­bodies ap­pears in Au­tumn when the night tem­per­a­ture starts to go down and is be­tween 5 and 10°C si­mul­ta­ne­ously with the oc­cur­rence of the first rains, which are nec­es­sary to in­duce fruc­ti­fi­ca­tion.

The av­erage pro­duc­tion of mush­rooms per plant is roughly 400g (i.e. 170 to 450 kg per hectare per year, ac­cording to the plan­ta­tion den­sity).

For PLANT CHAMPIGNON® ROBIN my­cor­rized with slipery jacks.

The pro­duc­tion can start 3 years after planting and the av­erage har­vest per plant goes from 1.7 kg to 3 kg
(i.e. 1 ton per hectare to 3 tons per hectare per year ac­cording to the plan­ta­tion den­sity).
(Data: INRA Bor­deaux)

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