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Tuber Un­ci­natum - Les plants Truffiers ROBIN my­corhizés avec la truffe de Bour­gogne : Chêne Truffier, Noisetier Truffier, Charme blanc truffier...

Tuber Uncinatum

Tuber un­ci­natum (Bur­gundy truffle):

The Bur­gundy truffle (Tuber un­ci­natum ) is prob­ably the ed­ible truffle species mostly found in Eu­rope.
Tuber un­ci­natum was de­scribed and named by Chatin in 1887 from the latin un­ci­natus = bent in a hook

Spores of Tuber UncinatumA lost of forest host species can live in sym­biosis with the Bur­gundy truffle, such as the truffle oaks, the truffle hazel trees, the truffle horn­beam and the truffle black pine.

The only truffle served at the Kings of France table during the Re­nais­sance was the Bur­gundy truffle.

M. Claude MURAT from the INRA during a mycorrhization check of the mychorrization of PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN truffle plants in the ROBIN Pépinières laboratory

The quality of PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN truffle plants:

Logo under licence and monitored by INRAAs men­tioned in the ROBIN truffle plants sec­tion, these are higher quality plants pro­duced in our nursery via tech­niques de­vel­opped within the ISO 9001 stan­dard and li­censed by INRA

Tuber un­ci­natum Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion

uncinatum mychorrizesUn­ci­natum my­chor­rizesMycorrhizes that are more or less brown - they form on the sides of the container bobbles of unramified mycelium.Roots


My­c­or­rhized PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN truffle plants with the Bur­gundy truffle are avail­able in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers in 4 dif­ferent sizes:

  • Robin Anti-chignon® con­tainer R 430 cm3
  • Robin Anti-chignon® con­tainer R 600 cm3
  • Robin Anti-chignon® con­tainer R 1.5 l
  • Robin Anti-chignon® con­tainer R 3 l

 Etiquette plants truffiers Robin

Host species avail­able for the My­c­or­rhized PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN truffle plants with the Bur­gundy truffle :

Beside these two species, ROBIN Pépinières of­fers other host species in order to be best adapted to the dif­ferent con­di­tions.
Below is a list of all the host species of­fered for the my­c­chorized ROBIN truffle plants with the Bur­gundy truffle:Corylus avellana plants mychorrized with Tuber uncinatum, 1 year old, grown in GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R600 cm3 container

  • CE­DRUS at­lantica – Atlas Cedar
  • OSTRYA carpini­folia – Horn­beam Hop
  • CARPINUS be­tulus – Common Horn­beam
  • QUERCUS pubescens – White Oak
  • QUERCUS robur – Pe­doncular Oak
  • FAGUS syl­vatica – Common Beech
  • CO­RYLUS avel­lana – Common Hazel
  • CO­RYLUS colurna – Turkish Hazel
  • PINUS nigra aus­triaca – Aus­trian Black Pine
  • TILIA cor­data – Lime - small leaved

Do not he­si­tate to con­tact us or to con­tact one of our mar­keting people in your area for the cre­ation of your truffle or­chard