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The interests and the role of controlled mycorrhization

The in­ter­ests and the role
of con­trolled my­c­or­rhiza­tion     

The rubric on "The con­trolled my­c­or­rhiza­tion lab­o­ra­tory" ex­plained what a my­c­or­rhizae is as well as the two types on which we con­cen­trated our re­search (with the help of ANVAR, the INRA and sel­eral bodies and uni­ver­si­ties).
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The in­ter­ests and the role of con­trolled my­c­or­rhiza­tion are ex­plained in the di­a­gram below :
Controlled mychorrization improves...

Our clients' tes­ti­monies :

Letter from Mr. Gilles OTTOU
Agence APS 31 grande rue 26090 Va­lence

Objet : Chantier du plateau tech­nique de l’EN­SOSP

Micchorized Pine of Alep (Pinus halepensis) - HAUTE PERFORMANCE®, 4 years after plantation. Average height  250cm and over. For the planting: plants were one year old then and had grown in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON® containers

« We want to tell you of our great sat­is­fac­tion, fol­lowing the use of 40,000 young HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE®, my­c­or­rhized plants grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R400 cm3on the site of the tech­nical plat­form at EN­SOSP (Na­tional School for Fire Bri­gade Of­fi­cers) in Vit­rolles (13) in very dif­fi­cult con­di­tions: the former land­fill, trans­formed in to a moto-cross site, be­fore being trans­formed into a training ground for the fire-bri­gade of­fi­cers. The soil is very chalky, very stony, Fil­tering, poor in or­ganic matter, a site that is very hot in summer and very wind.

Role of the site 6 months after the plantation

The plan­ta­tion was car­ried out with the in­stal­la­tion of cork mulching tiles Robin HPK and we we now note, that 2 years after planting, the re­covery rate is su­pe­rior to 98% and we espe­cially note the spec­tac­ular de­vel­op­ment of the young HAUTE PE­FOR­MANCE® my­c­or­rhized plants. We are very sat­is­fied to have used HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE® young plants in
GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers, which have en­abled us to ob­tain total suc­cess on this site.