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Our cus­tomers har­vest

We place the sat­is­fac­tion of our cus­tomers at the heart of our or­gan­i­sa­tion.
This is why we listen to our cus­tomers who har­vest.

«I al­ready har­vested and sold 91 kg of Tuber me­lanosporum»

Letter from Mr MARTINO
04 210 Valen­sole

Mr MARTINO’s dogs working Mr. MARTINO at his 12 year old truffle bed, in front of a Quercus pubescens
CHAM­PION®my­c­or­rhized with a Tuber me­lanosporum which pro­duced its first truffle at the age of 4 years and which has pro­duced every fol­lowing year.
«This truffle bed has a sur­face area of 1.07 Ha and was cre­ated in 2 phases.
A first plan­ta­tion on half of the sur­face area, in 1999, with ROBIN TRUFFLE
PLANTS pro­duced from seedlings, and the rest of the plan­ta­tion was planted a year later, in Spring
2000 with ARBRE TRUFFIER CHAM­PION® trees also sup­plied by Pépinières ROBIN
The re­sults that I have ob­tained this year are ex­cep­tional after an ear­lier start of
pro­duc­tion than normal on ARBRE CHAM­PION® trees
aged 4 years the
The 8 year old plantation belonging to Mr. MARTINO achieved within the framework of the VERCHAMP programme with 189 Quercus pubescens CHAMPION® in container GR600 cm3  and Quercus Ilex mycorhized with a Tuber Melanosporum in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® GR430 cm3 containerpro­duc­tion rapidly
in­creased in par­tic­ular on the ARBRE CHAM­PION® trees. The ROBIN TRUFFLE PLANTS
pro­duced from seedling started to pro­duce 1 to 2 years later on av­erage. To date, I have
al­ready har­vested and mar­keted 91 kg of Tuber me­lanosporum on the en­tire parcel of land and the season has not fin­ished.
I also have an­other 8 year old plan­ta­tion, set up within the frame­work of the Ver­champ Pro­gramme

pro­duced from seedlings.
There too on the ARBRE CHAM­PION® trees 'brules' started to ap­pear very early with pro­duc­tion to­wards the 4th year.
This year I have al­ready har­vested more than 20 kg of Tuber me­lanosporum on this parcel!
It should be noted that from the be­gin­ning of planting, I work the soil thor­oughly, I prune my trees and water when

I am ob­vi­ously very very sat­is­fied with PLANT TRUFFIER
ROBIN which.I rec­om­mend
highly to all my ac­quain­tances !
I use these prod­ucts ex­clu­sively for all my planting
which I
carry out reg­u­larly each year.

Written in Valen­sole on 08/02/2012.

 «I har­vested my first truf­fles on 12th and 13th February»

Mr. Derouineau’s crop of Quercus ilex and Quercus pubescens truffier Robin aged 7 years very good ‘brules “under the majority of trees and the first truffles are already present.Letter from Mr Noël DER­OUINEAU
Le Puy Notre Dame (49)

«I planted in March 2004, 200 truffle pro­ducing trees from Robin nurs­eries.Today around 70% still have 'brules'. On the 12th and 13th February I har­vested my first truf­fles (around 250g) on the CHAM­PION® trees. I re­planted 100 trees in 2006 and I have al­ready har­vested a 50g truffle) on a CHAM­PION ® tree. I am very op­ti­mistic con­cerning good har­vests from my crop in the fu­ture.»


«I har­vested sev­eral kilos of truf­fles»

Mr. PINEL’s crop : Quercus ilex grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® containers mycorrhized with Tuber Melanosporum under license and controlled by INRA 9th year after planting 25 trees out of 800 which is 30% of trees have already produced kg of truffles..Mr. Vin­cent PINEL 81140 LAR­ROQUE

« I planted 80 truffle green oaks from Robin nurs­eries in 1999 and 9 years after­wards I gath­ered my first truf­fles on 6 dif­ferent trees. Today in July 2011, 7 more trees have pro­duced,
I have har­vested sev­eral kilos of truf­fles under around 25 trees. Having planted every 2 me­tres in truffle hedges, I have to manage my truffle bed dili­gently pruning hard in the month of March. I also work the soil by hand using a broad­fork at the be­gin­ning of April I water 6 to 8 times ac­cording to the season.
For three years, I have chosen to rep­re­sent Pépinières Robin in the Tarn as sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive, which has en­abled me to meet people ex­pe­ri­enced in this do­main and also to share my pas­sion. I renew my thanks to Pépinières Robin for their re­li­a­bility»

 «Mr. LECOMPTE’s crop : Quercus ilex grown in ROBIN-ANTI-CHIGNON containers mycorrhized with Tuber Melanosporum under license and monitored by INRA 7 years after planting 70% of the trees were active and he has already found his first truffle.I har­vested my first 90g truffle»

Mr. Michel LE­COMTE Loches Indre et Loire (37)

« I planted green truffle oaks from Robin Nurs­eries in February 2003. My plan­ta­tion is ac­tive at 70%. I har­vested my first 90g truffle on 10th Jan­uary 2011. I am very op­ti­mistic for the years to come with crops con­taining 50 truffle trees in 2004 »

Quercus ilex truffier ROBIN mycorrhized with Tuber melanosporum aged 11 years old, these trees gave their first truffle 6 years after planting «The first truffle was found under a green oak»

Mr. Ge­orge MAX La Penne (06)

« I bought through our union, fifty of your plants, green and white oaks in R430 con­tainers.
Planting was car­ried out in Jan­uary 1999 and at pre­sent, I am pleased to an­nounce my first har­vests, under three green oaks and one white.
The first truffle was found under the green oak in February 2006. Since then sev­eral re­mark­able truf­fles and for this season au­tumn 2010/ spring 2011, a har­vest which reached 1 kg!
I am con­fi­dent for the fu­ture, which I hope will be even better!!!
Thank you so much and see you soon»


«I will buy all my plants from your nursery – Seeing the re­sults from my first crop.!»

Mr. BONDIL’s plantation achieved with ROBIN truffle plants grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® containers products licensed and monitored by INRA after 8 years after planting 60% of the trees are producingMr. René BONDIL 83360 BAUDUEN

« I am sending you photos of the truffle trees which I planted in 2002 which come from Pépinières Robin. They reached ma­tu­rity 2 years ago and out of 220 plants, there are 130 which are pro­ducing. For the new crop I am sending you photos of the site which is 4 hectares. I will need around 700 plants and I con­firm that I will be ordering all my plants with you ! Seeing the re­sults from my first crop. »

«I am pleased to an­nounce my first har­vest»

Mr. MASSONETon his plantation of Quercus ilex grown in ROBIN-ANTI- CHIGNON® r1.5l containers mycorrhized with Tuber melansporum under license and monitored by INRA first harvest 5 years after planting.Mr. Henri MAS­SONET Jon­quières (84)

«Fol­lowing on from my first tes­ti­mony here is some news about my new crops. I am pleased to an­nounce that my first har­vest during the season 2009/2010, on 2 trees planted in 2004. The har­vest was car­ried out on a white oak, with a 120g truffle and under the green oak with a 200g truffle. For the season 2010/2011 and to date, a single 85g truffle has been found under the white oak. Taking into ac­count the har­vest that I have just achieved.I can only be con­fi­dent for the years to come.
Thank you very much.»



«We con­sider planting ROBIN truffle plants again»

Mrs. And Mr. GIRAUD’s truffle plantation (17) achieved using ROBIN truffle plants and CHAMPION® trees, 4 years after planting 97% of the trees are in activity and 6% of the trees have started to produce..>Mrs. And Mr. GIRAUD’s truffle plantation (17) achieved using ROBIN truffle plants and CHAMPION® trees, 4 years after planting 97% of the trees are in activity and 6% of the trees have started to produce..Mrs and Mr. Francis GI­RAUD La Brousse (17)

« 2007 plan­ta­tion : we planted 8 hectares of truffle plants in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON R600 con­tainers with Tuber me­lanosporum. The first truf­fles were har­vested during Au­tumn 2010/Winter 2011 which was 4 years after planting : 6% of trees are pro­duc­tive and 97% of the trees are still ac­tive. I am very sat­is­fied with the ROBIN truffle.
Plants espe­cially since many of the pro­duc­tive plants are CHAM­PION® plants. I do not re­gret having bought all our plants from you. I en­visage planting ROBIN truffle plants again.
With thanks and ap­pre­ci­a­tion. »

«I am truly sat­is­fied with the truffle plants»

Mr. DAUTIN’s 7 years old plantation achieved using ROBIN truffle plants mycorrhized with Tuber uncinatum products under license and monitored by INRA numerous Plants show the appearance of ‘brules’ and the first truffles have been harvested 7 years after plantingMr. Jean DAUTUN Etivey (89)

« I wanted to let you know how sat­is­fied I am con­cerning your truffle plants. Tuber un­ci­natum in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON®430 cm3 con­tainers which you sup­plied me with in au­tumn 2003. In­fact I found my first truf­fles during winter 2010 only 7 years after planting!
I am also full of hope given the ap­pear­ance of many 'brules' which are more and more nu­merous...!»

«I am very sat­is­fied with these plants»

Mr REBOULLET in his 8 year old plantation of ROBIN truffle trees, in total 8 trees have already produced their first truffles.Mr. Re­boullet Saint Donat (26)

« I am very pleased to an­nounce that the 150 truffle plants that you sup­plied me with and that I planted in Spring 2002 have started to pro­duce during the Winter 2009/2010. I have 8 green oaks which have al­ready pro­duced in­cluding one tree that alone has pro­duced 400 grammes. So I am very sat­is­fied with the plants from your com­pany, and I highly rec­om­mend it. »