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ROBIN Pépinières cus­tomers tes­tify

We place the sat­is­fac­tion of our cus­tomers at the heart of our or­gan­i­sa­tion.
This is why we listen to our cus­tomers

Plantation of Quercus pubescens mycorrhized with Tuber melanosporum grown in Robin ANTI-CHIGNON® containers carried out in 1998 95% of the trees have ‘brules’.«I am com­pletely sat­is­fied»

Letter from Mr. Gros­peaud Di­dier (86) 86100 Chateller­ault

« I am com­pletely sat­is­fied with all my plan­ta­tions: 95% 'brules' on the first plan­ta­tion (1998) and the last plants (2006) 80% have 'brules'. De­spite sev­eral misad­ven­tures with Hares. I will con­tinue to put my trust in Pépinières Robin for my next plan­ta­tions.»

«I am en­tirely sat­is­fied with my ROBIN

Mr DINDAULT's plantation in 2002 Quercus ilex and Quercus pubescens mycorrhized with Tuber melanosporum, grown in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON® container, photo spring 2011, 98% of "brulés", the production increases every year..Letter from : Mr DIN­DAULT Rémy

«The 1st plan­ta­tion of truffle oaks in De­cember 2002 only with Robin plants (2/3 pubescens and 1/3 ilex) and the second planted in 2004 both of them 2.5 Ha give me en­tire sat­is­fac­tion.
Today my two truffle beds are doing well 95 to 98% with 'brules' and every year I har­vest more and more from my first truffle field. I am looking for­ward to the mo­ment when my second Truffle field starts yielding Once again I am en­tirely sat­is­fied with my ROBIN TRUFFLE PLANTS. »

«Every year since 2002, we plant around 2500
Abies nord­man­niana from pépinières Robin»

Abiès nordmanniana planted in R350 containers Age 3+1 size 15/20 cm. Photo 5 years after plantation size 125 to 175 cmMr. Pascal CH­ES­NOIS, CAT Notre Avenir Les Courbet­tières 35470 Bain de Bre­tagne

« Every year since 2002, we plant around 2500 Abies nord­man­niana from pépinières Robin In ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON®300 con­tainers. The plan­ta­tions car­ried out on sheeting. »

«A suc­cessful planting»

Prunus avium grown in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON® R400cm3 container, photo 1 year after plantationLetter from Mr Jacques DIXME­RIAS
Le Colom­bier
63990 JOB

« I want to tell you how sat­is­fied I am with the wild cher­ries in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R400 cm3 con­tainers size 40/60 cm at time of de­livery that you sup­plied in 2010.
They have been a com­plete suc­cess and started off very well. They are now 2m in height in their 2nd year after planting, what a growth! »

«1st har­vest of our truf­fles this year»

plantation of Corylus avellana and Pinus nigra austriaca mycorrhized with Tuber uncinatum grown in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON® R430 cm3 containers. Photo taken 5 years after plantation, 1st harvest under Corylus avellana age 5 years.Letter from Zoltan BRATCK
Uni­ver­sité de Bu­dapest

« We are happy to tell you that we found our first truf­fles this year that is 5 years after planting the co­rylus avel­lana plants that you sup­plied us with in Au­tumn 2004. »

«I am more than sat­is­fied!»

Letter from Mr PIROT

Mr Pirot in front of corylus avallena mycorrhized with tuber melanosporum grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R600 containers aged 1 year, photo taken 3 years after planting the hazel trees have already yielded their first truffles..« I planted 4 Co­rylus avel­lana my­c­or­rhized with Tuber me­lanosporum in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON 600 cm3 con­tainers aged 1 year and I har­vested 25 grammes of me­lanosporum at the end of the third year. I live in Haute Marne 25 km south of Lan­gres, at the fron­tier of Haute Saône and the Côte d'Or, pH of 7.9, 30% clay, 10% lime­stone and a C/N ratio of 9.8. I am more than sat­is­fied with the plants and am plan­ning a plan­ta­tion of Tuber un­ci­natum which is more ap­pro­priate to my re­gion due to the early win­ters in our re­gions.»

Mardore (69) Spring 2009 plantation by SARL EAU ENERGIE on 1 Ha of pseudotsuga douglasii aged one year, height 15 cm in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R400 cm3 containers in mechanically dug holes, with a Robin dibber, photo taken in July 2011 rate of recovery 95%, the plants are more than 2m tall, and no clearing has been necessary. (NB Mr. Champalle on the photo, measures 1m 83) «A 95% rate of re­covery»

Letter from SARL Eau En­ergie


Quercus sessiliflora grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R350/400 cm3 containers planted in Spring 2009, height 20 cm and more at planting, photo taken in Spring 2011, 2 years after planting average height 1.50 to 2m..«A com­plete suc­cess!»

Letter from Daniel FERON
Groupe­ment Forestier de Char­lieu
10700 Arcis sur Aude

« I want to let you know how sat­is­fied I am with the quercus Ses­si­flora in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R350/400 cm3 con­tainers that you de­liv­ered to me in Spring 2009.
The plan­ta­tion has been a com­plete suc­cess and started off very well: the plants are be­tween 1.5 And 2 me­tres!
The rapid start of these plants en­abled me to econ­o­mize 1 to 2 clear­ings with healthy vig­orous plants. »


«A spec­tac­ular de­vel­op­ment of young
HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE®, my­c­or­rhized plants»

Letter from M. Gilles OTTOU
Agence APS
31 grande rue
26090 Va­lence

« We want to tell you of our great sat­is­fac­tion, Pinus halepensis mycorrhized HAUTE	PERFORMANCE®, 4 years after plantation. Average height 250 cm. During plantation : les plants were 1 year old, grown in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON® containersfol­lowing the use of
40 000 young HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE®, my­c­or­rhized plants grown in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R400 cm3on the site of the tech­nical plat­form at EN­SOSP (Na­tional School for Fire Bri­gade Of­fi­cers) in Vit­rolles (13) in very dif­fi­cult con­di­tions: the former land­fill, trans­formed in to a moto-cross site, be­fore being trans­formed into a training ground for the fire-bri­gade of­fi­cers. The soil is very chalky, very stony, Fil­tering, poor in or­ganic matter, a site that is very hot in summer and very wind.

The site 6 months after plantation The plan­ta­tion was car­ried out with the in­stal­la­tion of cork mulching tiles Robin HPK and we now note, that 2 years after planting, the re­covery rate is su­pe­rior to 98% and we espe­cially note the spec­tac­ular de­vel­op­ment of the young HAUTE PE­FOR­MANCE® my­c­or­rhized plants.
We are very sat­is­fied to have used HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE® young plants in GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers, which have en­abled us to ob­tain total suc­cess on this site.

We do not he­si­tate to rec­om­mend once more the young HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE® my­c­or­rhized plants for our next work on a site with dif­fi­cult con­di­tions..»

«Thanks to Pépinières ROBIN»

Letter from Mrs BRUNEAU
86100 Chateller­ault

Supply, delivery and planting of Robin truffle plants for a ready-made truffle orchard project for Mrs. And Mr. Bruneau.« Here are some photos fol­lowing planting. We thank Patrick for his
pro­fes­sion­alism, the pas­sion for his work which he knows how to pass on and to Xavier for his in­vest­ment, for having taken us to visit other truffle or­chards, for being with us when we planted some of the plants our­selves, thank you for your kind­ness. The ea­gerly awaited
mo­ment of planting car­ried slightly early, thank you Pépinières Robin be­cause ev­ery­thing was car­ried out in the best me­te­o­ro­log­ical con­di­tions, after which the bad weather Ar­rived. Now we just have to main­tain and wait 5 years for our first har­vest. »

«Une telle réus­site nous a permis de nous en­gager au­jourd'hui dans des travaux paysagers»

Letter from Mr Christophe Chau­liac, bu­reau d'études ONF (Re­search de­part­ment, French na­tional forest body) Pyrénées oc­ci­den­tales, In charge of re­searches

« Within the frame­work of our land­scape re­qual­i­fi­ca­tion work, no fewer than 100 000 resinous plants (Abies alba, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus un­ci­nata) my­c­or­rhized with Lac­caria bi­color were planted in the ski­able area of Gourette (Vallée d'Ossau, Pyrénées At­lan­tiques, 64) In order to pre­serve the ge­netic her­itage of the Pinaceae of the vallée d'Ossau, the my­c­or­rhizal plants had to be guar­an­teed to be of local origin. Seeds col­lected at at prox­imity of the site were cul­ti­vated in the nursery at Etab­lisse­ments ROBIN's high alti­tude nursery.
After five years of work and mon­i­toring, the re­sults are un­de­ni­able. The rate of re­covery of the plants is su­pe­rior to 90% across the whole statin, what­ever the species, alti­tude,

the rigours of the lo­ca­tion and the methods of planting. Un­like the rate of re­covery of 50% for the non-my­c­or­rhized de­cid­uous plants nonethe­less fre­quently used in bio-engi­neering op­er­a­tions (Saule, Al­isiers...) It is cer­tain that without using the PLANTS HAUTE PER­FOR­MANCE® the sus­tain­ability of the work would not have been as­sured. Such a suc­cess has en­abled us to now take on more work on dif­fi­cult land­scapes knowing that we will be able to show the greatest re­spect for the bio­di­ver­sity of the nat­ural en­vi­ron­ment.»