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Robin Pépinières de­liv­eries

Robin de­liv­eries :Loading a 26 tonnes Renault at a nursery in Saint Laurent du Cros

Our lorries with our team in charge of deliveries


90% of Robin pro­duc­tion is de­liv­ered di­rectly to our cus­tomers by our own fleet of ve­hi­cles which en­ables us to as­sure :
  1. Greatly re­duced de­livery times be­tween the nursery and your site.

  2. Punc­tu­ality : dates and hours of de­livery are re­spected.

  3. Ad­vice on the storage and the use of plants and pro­tec­tive cov­er­ings de­liv­ered by our de­livery staff.

De­livery of young forest and or­na­mental plants.

Map of Robin Pépinières deliveries

Free de­livery by our lor­ries :

Livraison zone AFrom 500€ pre-tax

Livraison zone BFrom 1000€ pre-tax

Livraison zone CFrom 2000€ pre-tax

Livraison zone DFrom 3000€ pre-tax

Livraison en CorseFor Cor­sica our prices are un­der­stood to be the pre-tax price starting from our nurs­eries.

Livraison zone FFrom 5000€ pre-tax

NB : For orders with a total in­fe­rior to those indi­cated above : a con­tri­bu­tion to de­livery costs will be in­voiced.

For all orders of small volume, we send :

        • By post and col­is­simo
        • By Ex­press trasnsport by France Ex­press: de­livery in 24 to 48 hours.
        • By courier de­livery in 3 to 4 days.

The above-men­tioned free minima apply only for the plant de­liv­eries.
For pro­tec­tion de­liv­eries, our price are al­ways pre-tax be­fore de­par­ture.


  • Added car­riage: +10%

  • Free de­livery as from 1,500 EUR pre-tax for metropolitan France