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Analyse de terre pour la truf­fi­cul­ture – Robin Pépinières

Soil anal­ysis:

Soil analysisWhen a parcel is se­lected for a fu­ture truffle or­chard or mush­room or­chard, it is indis­pens­able to carry out a soil anal­ysis.

This soil anal­ysis is to de­ter­mine which host species (truffle oaks, truffle hazel tree...) and espe­cially which as­so­ci­ated fungi (Perigord truffle, Bur­gundy truffle, Lac­taire, Slipery jacks...) are the best adapted to your soil.

These are de­pen­dent on the phys­ical and chem­ical prop­er­ties of your site , and espe­cially its acidity (pH) its cal­cium and of or­ganic matter con­tents.

Methods of the anal­ysis:

  • If your land is ho­mo­ge­neous, send a soil sample of around 500g taken at a depth of 20 cm.
  • If your land is hetero­ge­neous or pre­sents re­lief, send us sev­eral 500g soil sam­ples, taken at a depth of 20 cm, clearly la­beling the dif­ferent sam­ples.


Robin Pépinières EARL. Service Laboratoire. Le Village. 05500 St Laurent du Cros France
Send your sam­ples by post to the ad­dress below:


Please add in your parcel:

1. A cheque for 98 € per sample for the anal­ysis (the price in­cludes tax)

2. The in­for­ma­tion sheet con­cerning the sample and the type of soil (This sheet can be down­loaded from our web­site and printed sep­a­rately).

The sam­ples will be sent to an in­de­pen­dant lab­o­ra­tory spe­cialised in soil anal­ysis in view to plant truffle or mush­room trees.

The re­sults of the soil anal­ysis will be avail­able 3 weeks upon re­cep­tion of the soil sample.
On re­ceipt of your re­sults, a com­plete re­port will be sent to you, in­cluding ad­vices about pos­sible fer­til­iza­tions to be made to your soil, if nec­es­sary.

Do not he­si­tate to con­tact con­tact one of our mar­keting people in your area if you have any ques­tion.