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A cul­ti­va­tion system that guar­an­tees a su­pe­rior quality of young plants in con­tainers, with a living root system in a nat­ural form without de­for­ma­tion.

You will find below the var­ious ad­van­tages of the patented system of the ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainer:

postbullets« Anti-Chignon » system :
Easy handling, even on the most uneven land.Ex­cel­lent re­covery and de­vel­op­ment of new plants thanks to a root system without mal­for­ma­tion.

postbulletsIn­te­gral self root pruning :
Over the en­tire sur­face of the root plug as well as the bottom of the con­tainer which en­cour­ages root de­vel­op­ment with very dense root system and without mal­for­ma­tion, which op­ti­mizes re­covery.

postbulletsFresh­ness of the plants :
De­liv­ered to your sites in their cul­ti­va­tion boxes the fresh­ness is pre­served during trans­port and while waiting on site be­fore being planted.

Al­longe­ment de la période de plan­ta­tion

postbulletsTime saved :
No need to heel in to the soil
The root plugs are in a reg­ular and con­ical shape fa­cil­i­tating
their in­stal­la­tion.

postbullets For our reforestation sites at high altitude we can place at your disposal our boxes for helicopter transportation. Each of these boxes can contain around 1,500 plants in GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R350 containers. A helicopter type Lama or Alouette 2 is capable of transporting this volume at each rotation.Handi­ness:
Light and com­pact, the Robin 'hon­ey­combed' boxes are very easy to handle even on hilly land.

postbulletsStack­able, they are very prac­tical for loading on lor­ries, etc....

postbulletsThe plants are car­ried to the lo­ca­tion by stacking the crates on the side (the way we usu­ally do during de­liv­eries with our lor­ries), you will gain space.


Ex­emple of volume TRUFFIER ROBIN plants in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® R430 con­tainers
Ve­hicle:"Master" 4,500 plants, i.e. 100 crates stowed on shelves
Ve­hicle:"Ber­lingo" 675 plants, i.e. 15 crates




Storage and pre­cau­tions for con­serving the plants

In order to ob­tain the best re­sults, please find below ad­vice for the storage and pre­cau­tions for con­serving the plants fol­lowing the de­livery :

  • Right from the re­cep­tion of the plants, we ad­vise you to store the boxes flat on the ground,(the plants in an upright po­si­tion) out­side, shel­tered from the wind.
  • Be careful if the plants must be stored in­side in a shed or cellar for some reason, in­sure that the place is lighted and airy. Plants must never be left in dark­ness for a pe­riod of sev­eral con­sec­u­tive days.
  • If planting is de­layed, you can keep the plants out­side, for sev­eral days or even sev­eral weeks be­fore planting them, and if pos­sible they must be shel­tered from the wind.
  • If planting is de­layed for more than a month, it is ad­vis­able to lift the boxes a few cm off the ground (4 to 10 cm) to en­able self-pruning (ex­cept during the winter – De­cember to March – when strong frost can occur).

At the time of planting

The plants in the GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers en­able the time of planting to be ex­tended. The plants having been de­liv­ered in their cul­ti­va­tion boxes, can be taken out of the nursery and planted without any risk at prac­ti­cally any time of year.

In this way you can start your planting in Au­tumn in the month of September on flat land and from mid-Au­gust in the moun­tains.No need to wait for the plants to be hard­ened off

For ROBIN TRUFFLE PLANTS planting is pos­sible starting in the middle of September. In the Spring you can wait until June without any risk.

The be­gin­ning of Au­tumn re­mains the ideal pe­riod for out­planting young plants an­dROBIN TRUFFLE PLANTS in GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers. In fact, the young plants put in place at the be­gin­ning of Au­tumn have the pos­si­bility of rooting be­fore winter, even if they are hard­ened, and if growth of the aerial part lasted. The root system de­velop as long as the sub­strate is warm ( till 10 cel­sius de­grees the root growth con­tinues).
This en­ables young plants and PLANT TRUFFIER ROBIN (truffle plants) to set up be­fore winter, which avoids the risk of weak­ening during winter and en­ables a much more rapid re­growth starting in the first warmth of Spring­time.

Thanks to GODET ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers and in­te­gral self pruning. Ob­tained across the sur­face of the root-plug, the nat­ural ar­chi­tec­ture of the root system is op­timal.

Planting early in September and taking root Mid-November of a truffle oak


Plantation early in September of a truffle oak: Mid-November: taking root of a truffle oak:
Hard­ened off" over­ground part All the root nod­ules have started growing , root growth can be up to 20 cm be­tween September and November.
Dor­mant root nod­ules , thanks to self pruning. The pivot, thanks to ex­cel­lent self pruning - the roots grow without de­for­ma­tion.


The best plan­ta­tion re­sults and growth rate with plants grown and de­liv­ered in GODETS ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainers have al­ways been ob­tained with very early au­tumn plants.

Planting ad­vices

Be­fore planting, it is highly rec­om­mended to water the plants in ROBIN ANTI CHIGNON® if the root plugs are dry (or to moisten them soaking the boxes for a few min­utes in water). You will build up a supply of hu­midity which will en­able the root system of the plants to
start growing more quickly.

It is nec­es­sary to en­sure, that the planting hole is deep enough for root ball to be cor­rectly put in place from the ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® con­tainer and in an upright po­si­tion without being squashed. The top of the root plug should be cov­ered by 2 to 3 cm of soil to avoid the wick ef­fect.

In order to op­ti­mize the planting tech­nique our plants in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON®. Con­tainers and to be sure to place the root-plugs, in an upright po­si­tion, at the cor­rect depth, we have de­vel­oped a specific DIBBER

Strongly sink in the ROBIN dibberPlace the truffle oak in the holePack down the soil and make sure to cover the lump