Investing in mushroom cultivation can be a profitable, sustainable, environmentally beneficial investment. An attractive choice for good asset management.

Yield and profitability of a mushroom orchard

For mycorrhizal ROBIN FAMPLE® PLANTS with Lactaire.

Production can begin 4 years after planting, Lactaria fruiting in autumn, when the night temperature begins to fall to be between 5 to 10 ° C in concomitance with the arrival of the first rains, which are necessary to induce the fruiting.

The average production of mushrooms per plant is about 400g (170 to 450 kg per hectare per year, depending on planting density).

For mycorrhizal ROBIN CHAMPIGNON® PLANTS with Yellow Boletus.

Production can begin from the 3rd year, and the average harvest per plant ranges from 1.7 kg to 3 kg (ie one tonne per hectare to 3 tonnes per hectare per year, depending on planting density).
(INRA Bordeaux data)

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