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Leader in the field of controlled mycorrhization, ROBIN Nurseries has been offering since 2008 a variety of plants for fungiculture (or myciculture). These MUSHROOM PLANTS facilitate, accelerate and increase the cultivation of mushrooms such as the bloody milk cap, the saffron milk cap or the yellow boletus.

This innovation is exclusive to ROBIN Nurseries and is implemented under the control and certification of INRAE (National Institute of Research for Agriculture, Food and the Environment). The high level of performance of these mushroom tree plants is the first guarantee of a good yield from your mushroom orchard.

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Planting mycorrhizal trees to harvest mushrooms

Mycorrhizal trees are one of the latest trends in mushroom growing. Indeed, the vast majority of edible mushroom species are mycorrhizal, meaning that they develop by associating with the roots of some trees. These mushrooms (such as boletes, chanterelles or even milkcaps) thrive around these "host" trees. In our section of mycorrhized trees for myciculture, you will find mainly pines of different varieties mycorrhized with different strains of mushrooms: maritime pines mycorrhized with boletes, Scots pines mycorrhized with delicious milk cap or Austrian black pines associated with blood milk cap. So many plants ready to join your garden or your orchard to ensure you beautiful mushroom harvests after only a few years.

A selection of plants suitable for growing mushrooms in soil

The mushroom production in the open ground is based on the ability of certain trees to live in symbiosis with the mycorrhizal species of mushrooms such as boletus and milkcaps (just like truffles). ROBIN Nurseries select for you the best pine seeds to produce, after mycorrhization, quality mushroom trees, specially adapted for the development of mycorrhizae essential to the appearance of boletes and other milky mushrooms. These seedlings can then be replanted in the field to create a mushroom orchard.

Trees able to facilitate appearance and development of eatable mushrooms

In order to meet the various requirements of our customers, we offer a complete range of ROBIN MUSHROOM PLANTS, with controlled mycorrhization of different edible fungi, on different species of pine ( Scots pine, Austrian black pine...). Thanks to ROBIN MUSHROOM PLANTS, you can cultivate the following mushrooms :

  • the saffron milk cap (Lactarius deliciosus)
  • the bloody milk cap (Lactarius sanguifluus)
  • the yellow boletus (Suillus Luteus)