Summer 2002, MYCOREM annual meeting.  Visit of experimental plantations in France

As part of the European "MYCOREM" contract, ROBIN Pépinières produces mycorhizés plants which are intended to be replanted on polluted sites. Natural pollution (salt), or industrial pollution (heavy metals). These experimental plantations are monitored at the level of the recovery and development of plants by the scientific bodies of the various countries associated in this program. (Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands ...)

The purpose of MYCOREM:

It is to highlight the interest of mycorrhizal plants with certain selected strains, in Phytoremediation of polluted areas. In this program, the two types of mycorrhizae were used: endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae.

The first results obtained:

  • Suillus luteus significantly increased the survival rate of Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) on soils polluted with heavy metals (zinc, copper, cadmium) on a plantation in Belgium (Dr. Jan Colpaert, Belgium).
  • Suillus luteus and Hebeloma crustuliniforme improved the survival rate of Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) on soils polluted with hydrocarbons and zinc. (CNRS Nancy (54)).
  • Hebeloma crustuliniforme has shown interest in increasing juvenile growth of pines and hardwoods on soils chemically polluted with lindane (Ste Triton Germany).
  • LACCARIA bicolor R. inoculated on common beech (Fagus sylvatica) was used to induce tolerance to sodium chloride at significant concentrations. Container Plant Experiment (Dr. Ingrid Weissenhorn)

It thus appears that the selected strains induce tolerance to heavy metals and the mycorrhizal plants survive and grow on these grounds there, unlike conventional plants.

We advise you to carry out a  physico-chemical analysis of your soil  before any planting of HIGH PERFORMANCE® mycorhizés plants and controlled. From the results of this analysis and the description of the station conditions of your land, we can usefully advise you on the mushroom strain and the host species that will give you the best results on your site.