Robin Truffle Plants

For more than 70 years, ROBIN Nurseries has been innovating to offer you quality products and services. Leader in the field of controlled mycorrhization, we offer you different species of truffle plants: truffle oak, but also hazelnut, basswood, cedar, hornbeam, pine... A diversity which will allow you to choose truffle trees adapted to your requirements.

Our company offers you high quality truffle tree plants, controlled and certified by INRAE (National Institute of Research for Agriculture, Food and Environment). This high level of performance is the first guarantee of the good yield of your truffle plantation. And for your plantation to be successful, our teams will accompany and advise you, whatever your needs.

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A selection of plants suitable for truffle growing

Truffles are mushrooms that grow in symbiosis with the roots of a host tree. ROBIN Nurseries select for you the best seeds to produce quality truffle trees, specially adapted for the development of mycorrhizae which are essential for the appearance of truffles. Depending on your needs and the climatic conditions imposed by the geographical location of your plot, you can choose one or more of our truffle tree species: the inevitable truffle oaks, the productive truffle hazel trees, but also truffle basswood, truffle hornbeams, cedars, rockrosesbeeches and other truffle pines.

How to choose a truffle plant ?

To choose a truffle tree and ensure a good yield, it is first necessary to pay attention to the nature of the soil and the climatic conditions. It is important to make sure that the type of plots chosen for each new truffle orchard project are conducive to the development of the host tree and the growth of truffles. Our experts can come to your site to analyze the soil and help you choose the species of trees mycorrhized with the variety of truffles most appropriate for your orchard. For the realization of your truffle orchard do not hesitate to take the advice of the sales manager of your sector.

If you wish to create a perennial truffle orchard, you must also ensure the quality of the controlled mycorrhization of the truffle plants. ROBIN Nurseries guarantees this quality thanks to numerous control points carried out throughout the production of the plants. Before shipping, our plants are controlled and certified by INRAE. Our experience in controlled mycorrhization makes ROBIN Nurseries a leader in this field worldwide. This is why we are able to offer you a return guarantee on your truffle plants.