Truffle rokerose

Although considered as an ornamental shrub, the rockrose (or cistus) remains interesting for its truffle "compatibility". Indeed, this shrub characteristic of the scrubland prunes very well, it easily supports a period of aridity and appreciates the calcareous grounds. The perfect combo for those who plan to cultivate truffles! This is why, for your truffle orchard, we offer you truffle rockrose plants controlled and certified by INRA. The guarantee for you to obtain efficient plants, able to produce truffles. Our truffle rockrose plants are the hosts of two species of truffles :

♦ the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum)
♦ the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) 

Truffle rockrose plants ready to be planted

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Truffle production from a rockrose plant

Known for the high content of antioxidants (the famous polyphenols) in its leaves, the rockrose is a shrub that lends itself favorably to the cultivation of truffles. Indeed, its harsh ecosystem, suffering from high temperatures, lack of water and high solar radiation make it an excellent host for the development of the truffle.

Mycorrhizal rockrose' ability to produce truffles

The rockrose, which is mainly found in arid Mediterranean regions, likes above all very well drained soils - even stony - and full sun. It can tolerate a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 and likes gravelly soils, even when they are calcareous. Although hardy and resistant to frost down to -12°C, rockrose appreciates plots sheltered from the wind. Finally, the rockrose has the capacity to create a symbiotic relationship with the root fungi of the Tuber genus. Its small size is also favorable. Indeed, requiring less space than a traditional plant (such as oak or pine), the rockrose can lead to a higher yield of truffles per unit of land.

Which truffles to grow from a rockrose plant ?

Full sun and good drainage means black truffles! The rockrose is naturally predisposed to cohabit with Tuber melanosporum, especially since it is ectomycorrhizal, just like the oak. Thanks to controlled mycorrhization, it is also possible to produce summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) from a rockrose plant. By choosing high quality truffle rockrose plants, you can expect a good yield from these two varieties of truffles.

Need help ?In addition to the truffle rockrose, Robin Nurseries produces and offers a wide range of truffle trees ready to be planted. To validate your choice concerning the species of tree and the variety of truffles the most appropriate for your plot of land, do not hesitate to take the advice of our experts. They will be able to advise you and direct you towards the optimal truffle plants, those that will best meet your needs and constraints.