The contract of education of plants in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® GODETS

We advise you on the best choice:

Crop contract for Mr. Emidio Angellozzi for 12,000 PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN, including 7,000 truffle oak (Quercus pubescens), produced from acorns and truffles provided by the client

The seed source that best suits your situation.

Volume and type of bucket (individual bucket square Robin, or block polystyrene honeycomb).

It is the assurance for our customers to be able to choose the essence of their seedlings, to have the best quality and benefit from  the ROBIN recovery guarantee.


The deadline for setting up the education contract.

In general, to be feasible under the best conditions, the contract must be formalized and signed at the latest in January for delivery in September of the same year.
In some special cases, depending on the seed sources or the age of the required seedlings, it may be necessary to finalize the contract in autumn N, for delivery in autumn N + 1.

HIGH PERFORMANCE® mycorrhizal plants under control.

Following the physiochemical analysis, we will advise you on the choice of the fungal species best adapted to the planting site and which will give the best results.


We can, from a minimum of 450 plants, put under cultivation, your own batch of seeds that we can inoculate with your own truffles or with truffles from your area. These plants will be perfectly adapted to your soil.

Report with ROBIN nurseries in the DNA show

 Our know-how recognized nationally and internationally.

140,000 young plants bucket ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON were produced under cultivation contract for the  European REINFFORCE program .

The aim of this program, led by the IEFC (European Institute of Cultivated Forests), is to prepare the adaptation of European forests to climate change. All seeds were provided by the client.

The various seedlings, listed in 300 coniferous and deciduous genetic units, were delivered during the winter of 2011/2012 on 35 arboretums spread over the entire Atlantic coast from northern Scotland to southern Portugal.

 Crop Contract for the REINFORCE project Chinese Fir Cunninghamia lanceolataCrop Contract for the REINFORCE Pin d'Elliot Pinus Elliottii Project

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the  sales manager  of your sector.