A well hydrated Christmas tree thanks to its support with integrated water reserve

Christmas tree stand FRESCHERTREE®

To give your Christmas tree a better hold and to allow you to enjoy a fresher tree for longer, ROBIN Nurseries have imagined and developed a support with integrated water reserve. Made of 100% recycled plastic, FRESCHERTREE® ensures the maintenance and hydration of your cut tree.

A support with water reserve that stabilizes and hydrates your Christmas tree

Since 2016, our cut Christmas trees are delivered with a pre-drilled base to be fixed on a FRESCHERTREE®, the water reserve support that ensures the stability of your Christmas tree while prolonging its freshness. Equipping your tree with a FRESCHERTREE® support means that it will last longer and look better.

The FRESCHERTREE® is very light, very easy and quick to install. It offers excellent stability while being reusable from one year to the next. Available in four sizes (Ø25, Ø36, Ø41 and Ø75 cm), it can be used to hydrate trees cut from 80 cm to 350 cm high.

The installation of the FRESCHERTREE®, as well as its use, are extremely simple since it is enough to fill, each day, the water reserve directly integrated in the body of the support. This daily filling will allow you to keep your tree fresher for longer.

The French made Christmas tree stand made of 100% recycled plastic

Christmas tree stand with integrated water supplyChristmas tree stand FRESCHERTREE : more than a simple stand, a reservoir of freshnessWith careful watering, you should be able to keep a tree in good condition for up to four weeksA base to keep your Christmas tree in place and fresh

Did you know : Under the effect of the mildness reigning in your home, your Christmas tree may come out of its "hibernation" and the sap it contains will start to circulate again. In order to facilitate this circulation and guarantee the watering of the needles of your tree, it is therefore imperative to maintain its trunk in a tank previously filled with water. Forget the old-fashioned recipes based on vinegar, lemonade, soft drinks... All your tree needs is water.
You must keep the base of the trunk in water throughout its stay in the house, because if the tank lacks water, it will not reach the needles, which will then begin to dry quickly. With careful watering, you should be able to keep a tree in good condition for up to four weeks.