Soil analyzes

Soil Analysis

When a plot is selected for a future VERGER TRUFFIER or CHAMPIGNON ORCHARD, it is essential to have a soil test carried out.

This analysis of the land, aims to determine the host trees (truffle oaks, hazel truffle ...) and especially mushrooms (Perigord truffle, Burgundy truffle, Lactaire, yellow boletus ...) best suited to your ground.

Our recommendations will depend on the physical and chemical characteristics of your land, including its acidity (pH), calcium content, and organic matter.

The modalities of the analysis:

  • If your land is homogenous, send us a sample of about 300g of soil, taken 20 cm deep.
  • If your land is heterogeneous or has relief, send us several samples of 300g of soil, taken from different places of the ground at 20 cm deep, by clearly labeling the different samples.

Robin Nurseries EARL.  Laboratory Service.  The village.  05500 St Laurent du Cros France

You can send us your samples by parcel post  to the address opposite

 Thank you to join in your package:

  1. A check of 98 € per sample, in payment of the analysis (Price TTC).
  2. The information sheet on the sampling and the nature of the land (to download and print).

These samples will be sent to an independent laboratory specialized in soil analysis for truffle or mushroom tree planting. It takes 3 weeks from receipt of the soil sample to obtain the results. from the analysis of the earth. Upon receipt of the results, a complete report will be sent to you, including advice on possible fertilization of your soil.

For questions, please contact the sales representative in your area.