Robin Nurseries guarantee a minimum regrowth rate of 90% for their mycorrhizal young plants

Plants guaranteed to grow

Who hasn't already experienced weak, stunted or dying plants only a few months after planting? To avoid this kind of disappointment, ROBIN Nurseries certifies the quality of its plants and guarantees a minimum of 90% success !

ROBIN Pépinières takeover guarantee

The plants produced by Robin Nurseries benefit from a guarantee of recoveryOur mastery in the breeding of our plants, and the expertise of our culture systems (patented buckets) allows us to guarantee the recovery of the plants that we deliver. Here are the conditions of this guarantee.

BUFFER Rework guarantee the plants raised and delivered in ROBIN ANTI-CHIGNON® buckets are subject to a guarantee of recovery by the seller, in case of failure of resumption of the plantations higher than 20% of the delivered plants.

Under this warranty, the seller undertakes to replace free of charge the defective plants which will be delivered to the purchaser during the season following the actual ascertainment by the seller of the defectiveness of the delivered plants.

We guarantee a minimum recovery rate of 80%. In the event of a failure of more than 20%, we undertake to replace dead plants free of charge until we reach the guaranteed minimum rate within the limit of 30% of the total number of plants delivered.

For example :

  • 85% recovery rate found: no replacement of plants.
  • 60% recovery rate found: 20% of plants returned for free.
  • 45% recovery rate found: 30% of plants refilled for free.

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Apart from this replacement obligation, this warranty excludes any other compensation of any kind whatsoever.

In addition, the guarantee is excluded if the defect of the recovery results from a badly done planting (hole not deep enough, deformed root system at the plantation ...) of landslides, floods, ravines, landslides. terrain, snow creeping, avalanches having destroyed or taken away the plantation, fires, frost, heat or exceptional drought, attacks of predatory or parasitic animals or more generally any event independent of the quality even seedlings delivered or resulting from a fault of the buyer or a failure by the latter to its obligation of maintenance, watering, treatment or normal conservation of the plants.

To exercise this guarantee of recovery, the buyer must notify the seller of the problem found on plantations, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, before September 15 following delivery.

However, in the case where the purchaser received the plants after July 15th, the return guarantee would be extended until September 15th of the following year.

For the implementation of this clause, it is specified that the rate of recovery of plantations will be determined after counting the plants on at least 3% of the rows planted, the number of the first line to count being drawn by lot, the number other lines resulting automatically.

For sites where the number of plants is less than 10,000, the survey rate will be 10%, or one line out of 10.

Note: For quantities of less than 500 plants, and for Robin truffle plants or mushroom plants®: We will ask you to turn over the dead plants, with their respective tags stapled on the plants, in order to replace them in the same conditions than those set out above.

For TRUFFLE PLANTS ROBIN and MUSHROOM PLANTS®, the guarantee of recovery is increased to 100% if the plants are protected after planting with a "Climatic" type sheath and mulched with a "HPK ROBIN" type slab or a polyethylene film. In the case where the seedlings are not protected and mulched, it is the general framework of guarantee of recovery that applies, a minimum recovery rate of 80%.

This warranty shall not apply in any case to the plants replaced by the seller pursuant to this clause.

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Our customers testify of our seriousness and the quality of our plants

The guarantee of recovery of Robin Nurseries plants: a guarantee of quality and seriousnessLetter from : Coop Alpina
Subject : Reforestation work for Coletto du Fraisse USSEAUX (Italy)

« We sincerely thank you for providing us with very high quality seedlings for this project.

We are proud and we can only congratulate ourselves on the success of the planting with a 99.99% recovery rate. Indeed, during the site control visit with the administration, we did not find any plant that did not resume !

These results convinced us to choose Robin Nurseries as a partner for our future work.

Cordially »