Robin Nurseries, Christmas tree producer since 1948

The Christmas trees from ROBIN nurseries

For nearly 60 years, ROBIN Nurseries has been producing a complete range of Christmas trees (1st choice, Premium trees, Nordmann extra ROBIN Label Rouge...) from specially selected seeds. This range of Christmas trees is produced within the framework of our quality organization which guarantees the satisfaction of our customers.

A wide range of natural trees specially produced for Christmas

ROBIN Christmas trees are produced and selected according to European guidelines regarding size, quality and harvesting conditions. These standards apply to all conifers up to 3 m, sold as Christmas trees. They define the method of measurement (height), container volumes (potted trees), color, shape, density, symmetry...

From the first choice trees to the Red Label trees and the premium quality trees, Robin Nurseries offers 3 ranges of production :

1st choice Christmas trees

Our premium Christmas trees are produced under the MPS environmental standard. They are marketed in sizes ranging from 60/80 cm to 11/12 meters and in different varieties: Common Spruce, Colorado Blue Fir and Nordmann Fir.

Robin Nurseries breeds and markets first choice Christmas trees

Characteristics of the 1st choice Christmas tree

  • Color : It must be homogeneous on the whole tree, and reflect the freshness and health of the species concerned.
  • Shape : The width should be between 50% and 100% of the height.
  • Density : The branch crowns and internodes must be evenly distributed over the entire height of the tree and be sufficient in number to ensure good density.
  • Trunk : The tree should have a single trunk in the center of the tree.

The 1st choice cut trees are delivered individually wrapped in net, and packed on pallets up to the size of 2m50. They can be supplied with the base drilled to be fixed on a FRESCHERTREE® water reserve support.

Nordmann Christmas trees - Premium quality

Our premium quality Christmas trees are selected from the finest Nordmann trees. Their branches are spread out very evenly and have large, dark green needles. They are distributed all around the branch and form a dense foliage.

Characteristics of the Premium Christmas tree

  • Color : It must be homogeneous on the whole tree, and reflect the freshness and health of the species concerned.
  • Shape : The width should be between 50% and 100% of the height.
  • Density : The branch crowns and internodes must be evenly distributed over the entire height of the tree and be in sufficient number to ensure good density.
  • Trunk : The tree should have a single trunk in the center of the tree.

The cut Premium Nordmann Firs are delivered on pallets up to the size of 2m50 and individually wrapped in net. Their base is delivered drilled to be fixed on FRESCHER TREE® support with integrated water reserve, from size 80/100 to size 200/250. From size 400/500, 500/600, 600/700, 700/800, 800/900 and up to 12 meters, our Nordmann Premium trees are delivered individually wrapped in net.

Robin Nurseries offers premium quality Christmas trees

Christmas trees Extra / Red Label

Since October 2016, ROBIN nurseries are authorized for the production and sale of Red Label Christmas trees. The "Red Label Christmas trees" specifications take into account the entire production process, from the selection of seeds, the quality of young plants, the planting distances to the maintenance of the plantations and the cutting. Selected among the most beautiful trees, according to the very demanding Label Rouge criteria in terms of aesthetics and freshness, our Extra Nordmann firs benefit from a special treatment: Cut and packed among the last ones (after November 20th), the labelled firs offer the best freshness to the consumers and thus preserve their deep green color until Christmas..

The characteristics of the Red Label Christmas tree

  • A perfect aesthetic (color, symmetry)
  • A good density of branches
  • A conical shape associated with a not too long leader
  • A late cut

Available in sizes 125/150, 150/175, 175/200 and 200/250 cm, the cut Nordmann EXTRA ROBIN LABEL ROUGE are delivered on pallets and individually wrapped in net. A Chromo with a visual color, the size of the tree, its Gencod and the LABEL ROUGE logo is affixed to each tree. They are drilled at the foot to allow them to be fixed on a FRESCHER TREE® support (tree support with integrated water reserve).

Robin Pépinières produit et vend des sapins de noël label rouge

A production respectful of the environment

Robin Nurseries, an MPS A+ certified companyThe range of ROBIN Christmas trees, produced exclusively within the framework of the MPS environmental standard, reflects our permanent concern to limit the environmental impact of our production. This concern for the environment and sustainable development is reflected in specific working methods and a reasoned approach to the production of our trees. For several years now, ROBIN Nurseries has been certified MPS A+, the highest qualification of the MPS environmental standard.

Quality and variety, the secret of ROBIN Christmas trees

Our Christmas tree production is not limited to one or two species. It is based on an abundant selection of seeds previously selected to offer you a wide choice among the following species :

Common spruce

Christmas tree common spruceThe common spruce (Picea excelsa), native to the northern mountains, is the most classic of the Christmas trees. Pyramidal in shape, it has beautiful dark green foliage, its branches are spread evenly from the base and slightly inclined towards the top. With fine needles, it is very pleasantly fragrant.

Its advantage = Its price

Proposed heights: 60 cm to 12m for cut trees, 60 cm to 1.75m for container trees

Colorado Blue Spruce

Christmas tree Colorado blue spruceA seedling blue spruce, the Colorado spruce (Picea pungens) is native to the rocky mountains from 1800 to 3300 m. Its needles are longer and thicker than those of the common spruce and are bluish green in color. They do not fall off, even when the tree has been cut for several weeks.

Its advantage = Does not lose its needles

Proposed heights: 60 cm to 7m for cut trees, 40 cm to 1.75m for containerized trees

Engelmann Spruce

Christmas tree Engelmann SpruceEngelmann spruce (Picea engelmanii) is a seedling blue spruce, but with a higher percentage of blue individuals than in the Colorado blue spruce. Its slower growth than that of the common spruce, in the first years, gives it a much more compact habit, especially in the small sizes of 0.60m to 1.20m.

Its advantage = Its density

Serbian Spruce

Serbian Spruce Christmas treeThe Serbian spruce (Picea omorika) is interesting for its color: the bright green leaves above are silvery white below. Its very conical and elongated shape also differentiates it from the common spruce.

Its advantage = Its color

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir Christmas treeThe branches of the Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) are very evenly spread out and have beautiful dark green needles on top and lighter silver underneath. Like the Pungens spruce, it does not lose its needles once cut.

Advantages = Does not lose its needles and its habit

Colorado Fir

Colorado FirThe Colorado Fir (Abies concolor) is similar to the Nordmann Fir. It is characterized by its long bluish needles which give it a majestic bearing. It also keeps its needles for a very long time, even when cut. In addition, it gives off a pleasant softwood scent as soon as it is in the house.

Advantages = Does not lose its needles and its smell

Christmas trees marketed in different forms (cut or in containers)

All our trees are delivered individually wrapped in net, from 60 cm to 12 m, thanks to specific wrapping machines. In order to perfectly meet our customers' expectations, our Christmas trees can be delivered in two forms :

  • either cut (with the base drilled to be fixed on a FRESCHER TREE® water reserve support)
  • or in a container (for a possible later replanting outside)

Cut Christmas trees

Cut Christmas trees are the most sold. Thanks to species that keep their needles even after being cut, such as the Colorado Blue Spruce (PICEA pungens), the Nordmann Fir (ABIES nordmanniana), the Colorado Fir (ABIES concolor)...
They can be kept indoors for up to a month without losing their needles, as long as they are fixed on a FRESCHER TREE® support to ensure their water needs.
Finally, if you wish, the cut trees can be delivered with the foot cut beforehand to facilitate the fixing on a log or a slice.

Trees grown in containers

Container grown trees are grown and delivered in their own container. This ensures a good recovery after planting, provided that the tree is not installed inside the house.
NB : The recovery of Christmas trees raised in containers is not guaranteed.

Questions and answers about ROBIN Christmas trees

Yes, most of the production of ROBIN Christmas trees takes place in France (mainly in the Hautes-Alpes and Isère regions). We also produce a part of our trees in Denmark where the deep and sandy grounds associated with the climatic conditions constitute an ideal biotope for the culture of Nordmann fir trees.

From the end of November, you can find ROBIN Christmas trees in garden centers, in DIY stores and in supermarkets that have chosen quality by buying from our nursery (e.g. BOTANIC, TRUFFAUT and JARDILAND garden centers).

The spruce is the traditional Christmas tree, the most classic. It is easily recognized by its good smell, its bright green color and its fine needles. It is robust, well stocked and its price is quite affordable. The only drawback: it loses its needles quickly.
The Nordmann fir is more and more appreciated for its conservation qualities and the beauty of its green and flexible foliage. It resists well to the heat of the room and loses its thorns less quickly. Note that its price is higher than that of the spruce, but if you buy it in a root ball or container, you can replant it once Christmas is over, as long as you do not place it inside the house.
The blue fir has a nice coniferous smell and its needles have a nice bluish tint. However, its thorns are slightly prickly. It is therefore not recommended if you have small children or pets.
The Serbian spruce has a long, tapered shape and its needles are slightly silver. It is ideal if you want to plant it in the garden because it grows in any type of soil (limestone, sandy, clayey...).

The answer to this question depends on how you want to use your tree. If you simply want to decorate your home for the holidays, choose a cut tree. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your tree once the holiday season is over, choose a container tree, knowing that it will have to be replanted in your garden after about 2 months and that it should not be placed indoors.

No, the robustness of your Christmas tree does not depend at all on its size, but rather on its production method, its freshness and the care taken during its transport. Whether you choose an 80 cm tree or a 2.5 m tree, choose quality (Premium tree or even better Red Label tree).

Our range of Christmas trees grown in containers is available from 60 cm to 1.75 m in 25 cm increments (60/80 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm, 150 cm, 175 cm). Our cut Christmas trees are offered from 60 cm to 12 m for the largest ones.

Yes, every year, ROBIN Nurseries supplies XXL Christmas trees (from 4 to 12 meters high) to many local authorities (town halls, departmental councils, general councils...). Once delivered on site, these trees participate in the Christmas enchantment in our city center or on the square of our villages.

No, not for individuals. Pépinières ROBIN sells its Christmas trees mainly through its store (in Saint Laurent du Cros in the Hautes-Alpes), partner stores and garden centers (Botanic, Truffaut, Jardiland...) as well as mass distribution. From the first days of December, it is easy to find ROBIN trees on the shelves.