HIGH PERFORMANCE® mycorrhizal plants

In addition to the traditional young forest plants (beech, oak, hazelnut, fir, larch...), Robin Nurseries also offers HIGH PERFORMANCE® plants intended to be replanted in difficult areas (polluted sites, burnt areas, compacted soils...). Resulting from controlled mycorrhization with Laccaria Bicolor or Hebeloma Crustiliniforme strains, these particularly efficient plants show an excellent recovery rate as well as an increased growth speed.

HIGH PERFORMANCE® plants for reforestation in difficult conditions

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Plants specifically mycorhized for reforestation in difficult environments

Specialist in mycorrhization, ROBIN Nurseries relies on both endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae to improve its young forestry plants and give them increased capacities (better resistance to water stress, improved rooting and root branching, improved mineral absorption...). After 2 to 4 years, these "reinforced" forest trees are then able to be replanted on all types of poor or degraded soils. This greatly improves the success rate of plantations on non-forest land such as quarries, embankments, road or motorway verges, railway lines or industrial wastelands. It is in these "difficult" soils that Robin high performance plants reveal their potential and make the difference compared to traditional forestry plants by offering a significantly improved recovery and juvenile growth.