The headquarters of Robin Pépinières in Saint-Laurent du Cros (Hautes-Alpes 05)

Robin Pépinières team members and collaborators

From the production greenhouses to the plantation fields, from the research laboratories to the experimentation fields, from the administrative offices to the sales outlets, discover the Robin Pépipières teams. Whether they are based in Saint-Laurent-du-Cros (05) or Valernes (04), each of our team members practises our beautiful profession of nurseryman with passion.

L'équipe de production de St Laurent (05)

The employees and team members of Robin Nurseries in Saint Laurent du Cros (05)

From left to right : Bruno ROBIN, Cécile ROBIN, Christine ROBIN, Pierre CAMMALLETTI, Christine CABROL, Annick TOUCHE, Gilles AMAR, Marie-Pierre TOUCHE, Patrick VALENTIN, Artur BLASZCZAK, Michal MISZTAK, Françoise ROCHE, Corinne ROCHE, Charlène GROS, Julie EBRARD, Nadine GALLAND, Fanny JULLIEN. Crouch down in front : Damian BLASZCZAK, Anne-Marie MARROU.

Officials operating

Arthur and Damian, our two operations managers
From left to tight : Artur BLASZCZAK (head of Valernes operations), Damian BLASZCZACK (chief operation officier at St Laurent du Cros).

The Valerne (04) team

The Robin Nursery team of Valerne site (04)
From left to right : Corinne ROCHE, Françoise ROCHE, An­nick TOUCHE, Ewelina BLASZCZAK, Artur BLASZCZAK (Site manager), Marie-Pierre COULIBALY.

St Laurent point of sale

Anne-Marie, Robin Pépinières sales agent
Anne-Marie MARROU, sales agent

Our administrative team

The Robin Nursery administrative team
From left to right : Julie EBRARD (Accounts Receivable and Suppliers), Charlène GROS (Commercial Administration Manager), Cé­cile ROBIN (Administrative Manager of Traceability, Orders, Shipping and Invoicing), Fanny JULLIEN (Executive Secretary), Nadine GAL­LAND (Accounts Payable), Christine CABROL (Quality Assurance Manager).