ROBIN Plantations: the ROBIN 1-year takeover guarantee at 100%.

Plantation of PLANT TRUFFIER ROBIN made by us at Eyguians 05

For all plantations above 150 plants, ROBIN Nurseries offer a turnkey service for the realization of your CHAMPIGNON ORCHARD OR VERGER TRUFFIER.

This service is offered to our customers to guarantee a 100% success in the recovery of truffle trees or CHAMPIGNON® plants.

Field visit of our sales manager.

The sales representative in your area will be able to carry out soil sampling with you for  the soil analysis,  which is highly recommended for any implantation of a CHAMPIGNON ORCHARD OR VERGER TRUFFIER.

This sample will be sent for analysis to an independent laboratory, specialized in soil analysis for truffle or mushroom tree plantations (Cost of this analysis: 98 € TTC).

During this visit, our sales manager will direct you on the choice of host species and the species of truffle or mushroom best suited to your land and will advise you for the type of bucket and the choice of protection and mulching to use .

The Robin Plantation Service.

We can then, if you wish, offer to take care of the planting of your PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN and / or PLANT CHAMPIGNON®.

Our planting service includes:

  • The delivery of your PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN and / or PLANT CHAMPIGNON®.
  • Manual planting at the ROBIN plant or at the pick.
  • Delivery, supply, installation of protective sleeves.

Plantation_a_la_pioche.jpg Implementation of protective sheaths ROBIN planting planting

Mechanical laying of the plastic film with the tractor and the unrolling machine

  • Delivery, supply and installation of mulching:
    • laying individual cork mulch tiles for planting <1 hectare.
    • 80 micron plastic, width 1.50m, with our tractor and its machine specially adapted for planting at 1 hectare.

As part of the VERCHAMP® program (Intereg Alcotra IIIA Franco / Italian program), we planted more than 15,000 PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN and PLANT CHAMPIGNON® between 2004 and 2007 with:  A 100% success rate