Do you want to plant a truffle farm? How to succeed ?

How to make a successful truffle orchard?

To start growing truffles is a beautiful and ambitious project. But the prerequisites for the success of a truffle orchard are numerous and not necessarily well documented. Also, to help and guide you in the steps of setting up a truffle orchard, ROBIN Nurseries accompanies and guides you through precious advices to be found in this section specially dedicated to the success of a truffle farm. Soil study, practical guide, maintenance advice, frequently asked questions... you will find a wealth of practical information, instructions and warnings. So many useful recommendations to help you produce beautiful truffles in your plots.

The soil, the first factor of success to cultivate truffles

The success of a truffle orchard depends on a soil analysis to confirm its compatibility with truffle growingTruffles only grow on a certain type of soil. This is why no "serious" truffle growing project starts without a preliminary soil analysis. Several characteristics must be checked, starting with the pH, the granulometry, the rate of limestone and clay, the content of potassium, magnesium, calcium, the water retention capacity... So many parameters to take into consideration to choose a particular truffle species.

Follow the guide to set up your truffle field

To make a success of your truffle plantation, it is better to opt for truffle plants whose quality is controlled and certifiedYou want to plant truffle trees in order to produce truffles? The advice and recommendations of a professional nurseryman will be of great help to you. From the choice of plants to the planting method, including mulching, watering, pruning... find all the steps to set up a truffle orchard in our practical guide for amateur or professional truffle growers.

Inoculum and reseeding (or re-inoculation)

The reseeding: a contribution of truffle spores to improve the yield of a truffle fieldIn existing orchards, reseeding of plants may be recommended in order to promote truffle production. When, how and for what purpose? This is what we are going to see together in this focus dedicated to the reseeding of truffle soils by inoculum amendment.