Young leafy seedlings

Oaks, beeches, maples, hornbeams, alders, chestnut trees, walnut trees and poplars... Hardwoods are the kings of our forests, representing 64% of the species present in our woods. Whether they are bushy, branched, slender, mono or multi-trunk, hardwood trees play the role of lungs of the planet and contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity in our beautiful forests. For the conservation of its wooded areas or for reforestation operations, Robin Nurseries offers young plants from more than 30 species of hardwoods. Enough to regenerate hedges, coppices and plantations...

Young leafy seedlings ready for planting

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Characteristics of hardwood forestry plants

Commonly known as hardwoods, leafy seedlings have a wide variety of characteristics, starting with their foliage, which can be deciduous, marcescent or evergreen (depending on whether it falls in the fall or not). Other criteria to check when choosing a particular hardwood species include :
- its sensitivity to frost and/or wind
- resistance to drying out
- its growth habit and silhouette (tall, slender and thin or bushy and bushy)
- its growth rate
- the value of the wood (saw wood, firewood...)

Thus, depending on the nature of the area to be wooded (climate, altitude, soil type...), it is advisable to choose the appropriate hardwood species.