Robin Nurseries offers a wide range of decorative Christmas trees

Decorative fir / Chrtismas trees

In addition to our production of cut or containerized Christmas trees, we offer a wide range of decorative trees. Whether they are flocked, glazed, colored, luminous or even sparkling, all these "decorative" trees come from our own Christmas tree crops. They are selected among our first choice trees before being decorated by us, in our own workshops at our company's headquarters.

Decorated, embellished and embellished Christmas trees

ROBIN Christmas trees are produced and selected according to European guidelines regarding size, quality and harvesting conditions. These standards apply to all conifers up to 3 m in height, sold as Christmas trees. They define the method of measurement (height), container volumes (potted trees), color, shape, density, symmetry...

From the first choice trees to the Red Label trees and the premium quality trees, Robin Nurseries offers 4 ranges of production :


Flocked Christmas trees

ROBIN nurseries is equipped with a flocking workshop allowing us to offer a range of flocked Christmas trees of 1st choice and entirely natural. Different types of flocking are applied to our trees :

  • Standard flocking
  • Fireproof flocking: for indoor use
  • Waterproof flocking : for outdoor use

Available in white or in colors, flocked by us (in our own flocking workshops), each flocked tree bears a label or a chromo with its name, size, Gencod and the obligatory mention on the risk of flammability.

Flocking process of the trees

At ROBIN Nurseries, the flocked trees are obtained by spraying cellulose fibers (produced from cotton) and water-soluble glues in a cross-jet. This process, combined with special "outdoor" glues, makes the flocked tree more resistant to humidity and rain.

Packaging of the flocked trees

ROBIN® flocked trees are available in sizes from 40 cm to 10 m. They are delivered on a half-log base up to 4 m. To protect them from dirt and dust during transport, unloading and installation, ROBIN® flocked trees are delivered in a micro-perforated plastic cover.

White or colored, the flocked Christmas trees bring a touch of originality to your decoration

Glazed Christmas trees

The glazed tree is a natural tree that has been cut beforehand, which is covered with a white (or colored) resin by spraying, then a light veil of white (or colored) flock on top.

Aesthetically pleasing and more weather resistant

  • Aesthetics : Unlike flocked fir whose flock will hide the detail of the needles and branches, the glazed fir retains its natural physical appearance with an added colorful touch: the needles and branches are perfectly colored while remaining individualized (they are not embedded in a mass of flock). The light veil of flock deposited on top of the resin gives the appearance of a few fresh snowflakes on the needles.
  • Resistance to outdoor conditions : Unlike flocked fir, which does not stand up well to bad weather (its cotton flocking eventually breaks down under the effect of humidity and rain), glazed fir is equally resistant to cold, rain or snow. It does not lose any material and keeps its decorative effect for at least 3 months outdoors..

Packaging of the glazed fir trees

ROBIN® glazed trees are available in sizes from 40 cm to 10 m, in white, turquoise, red, blue and grey. They are delivered fixed on a half-log base up to 4 m tall. In order to protect them from dirt and dust during transport, unloading and installation, ROBIN® ice trees are delivered in a micro-perforated plastic cover.

The glazed Christmas tree is available in white or colored versions

MAGICTREE®, the natural luminous Christmas tree

The MAGICTREE® is above all a natural Christmas tree, and at the same time a luminous, ready-to-use, very original and beautifully aesthetic decorative object. Covered with a white glittery resin and a light veil of natural cotton on all its surface, it is equipped with a fine LED garland made of copper wire and battery operated (delivered with). It can thus be placed as a decoration in the house long before Christmas and remain there until after the Christmas holidays, while keeping its original aesthetic aspect.

MAGICTREE® lighted trees packaging

ROBIN MAGICTREE® Christmas trees are available in white and red in two sizes: 40/60 cm with a 40 LED garland, and 90/100 cm with a 100 LED garland. They are inufigated, fixed on a log base and delivered individually wrapped in a micro-perforated plastic cover.
A bright and colorful natural tree is the MAGICTREE

DIAMANT ROBIN®, the natural glittering Christmas tree

The DIAMANT ROBIN® tree is a natural tree covered with white glitter over its entire surface, which makes it not only a Christmas tree, but also a real decorative object ready for use. It is offered in white only with its glittering effect.

The DIAMANT ROBIN® tree has an excellent outdoor resistance even in case of bad weather conditions (rain or snow). Thanks to the quality of the treatment applied to it, it will resist up to 3 months in outdoor conditions, without deteriorating, while keeping its beautiful white and glittering aspect.

Packaging of DIAMANT® glittering fir trees

DIAMANT ROBIN® glittering fir trees are available in white only in sizes ranging from 40/60 cm to 2 m. They are fireproof, fixed on a log base and delivered individually wrapped in a micro-perforated plastic cover.
More than a Christmas tree, the DIAMOND glittering tree is a real decorative object

Photo gallery : Decorative Christmas trees ROBIN

Some pictures to allow you to discover the range of decorative Christmas trees ROBIN. From the smallest (40 to 60 cm) to the largest of trees (up to 12m), our workshop is designed to sublimate each tree...

Preparation of decorative Christmas trees in the ROBIN flocking workshopChristmas enchantment with iced trees (available up to 10m high)The glazed blue Christmas tree, a tree of the most beautiful effectNatural, glazed, flocked, glittering or luminous... ROBIN Nurseries offers you a wide range of decorative Christmas trees

Flocking operation of decorative Christmas treesFlocking and glazing of Christmas trees are available in several colorsHow about a Christmas tree adorned entirely in red?Large Christmas trees can also be flocked or glazed
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