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On a worldwide scale, there are about sixty varieties of truffle, including thirty in Europe. Unfortunately, only a few of them offer a real gustatory interest and some are not edible... Fortunately, four "gastronomic" truffle species stand out from the rest and all of them can be grown in France! Indeed, the diversity of the French soils combined with our temperate climate offers a predilection ground for the black truffle, the Burgundy truffle, the summer truffle and even the white truffle. The cultivation of these four truffles is all the more possible since controlled mycorrhization now makes it possible to select particularly vigorous and productive truffle plants.

Whatever the variety of truffle you plan to produce, your truffle plantation will need quality plants to ensure a good harvest. Therefore, Robin Nurseries offers you about thirty mycorrhizal truffle plants dedicated to the production of your favorite truffles.

Robin truffle trees (by truffle variety)

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Truffle trees able to produce 4 different varieties of truffles

Depending on the nature of your land, the composition of the soil, the climate, the species of your plants and especially the mycorrhization they have benefited from, you will be able to start harvesting within 5 to 8 years, different kinds of truffles :

♦ The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), which matures from December to the end of March
♦ The Burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum), which matures between mid-September and the end of January
♦ The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum), which is harvested from late May to late December
♦ The white truffle (Tuber magnatum), ripening from October to December

Which truffle variety should you go for ?

The cultivation and production of truffles leaves no room for chance. The choice of which variety to choose is directly dictated by the local climate, by the altitude of the land, by its exposure, but also by the nature of the soil. Indeed, each variety of truffle has its own biotope which should be as close as possible to hope to see its truffle orchard produce tuber melanosporum, tuber aestivum, tuber uncinatum and why not tuber magnatum. Our experts can come on site to analyze the soil and help you choose the species of trees mycorhized with the variety of truffles most appropriate for your orchard. For the realization of your truffle field, do not hesitate to ask the advice of the sales manager of your sector.