White truffle (Tuber magnatum)

Because of its rarity, the white truffle is the ultimate reward for any truffle grower. It must be said that it is even more demanding than the other varieties of truffles, so much so that its production was for a long time limited to a few provinces of the Italian Piedmont. Fortunately, after decades of research and experimentation, its cultivation is finally opening up thanks to the mycorrhization process. Leader in this field, Robin Nurseries has been offering truffle plants mycorhized with Tuber magnatum since 2009. These plants are scrupulously selected and inoculated under the control of INRA in order to guarantee their high quality level. This is the perfect way to start growing white truffles.

Trees dedicated to the production of white truffles (plants mycorhized with Tuber magnatum)

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Specifically mycorrhized truffle plants to produce white truffles

The white truffle is by far the most specific and demanding of all truffles, so that its controlled production can only be carried out from a handful of very carefully selected, mycorrhized and pampered host plants. The first mycorrhizae of Tuber magnatum were obtained in 2007 and in world exclusivity by ROBIN Nurseries. Since then, the cultivation of truffle plants dedicated to the production of white truffles has continued to improve so that today, Robin Nurseries is able to offer several host species of the most famous (and most expensive) truffle.

Which tree to plant to harvest white truffles ?

Only three trees are currently compatible with Tuber magnatum. The production of this truffle in an orchard requires the planting of one of these three mycorrhizal species: The pedunculate oak (Quercus pedonculata), the pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens) or the commum hornbeam (Carpinus betulus). At this stage, only the pubescent oak presents convincing and perennial results in terms of production of white truffles. The pubescent oak plants allow to harvest white truffles 4 to 5 years after their plantation.

Need help ?The white truffle is not the only one that can be born from the mycorrhization of a host plant. Robin Nurseries produce and offer a complete range of truffle plants capable of producing 4 varieties of truffle. If you are not sure which one is best suited to your truffle project, ask our experts for advice. They will help you set up your truffle orchard and guide you in its maintenance.