The 5 fundamental factors for the success of a Truffière and for the cultivation of mushrooms are:

1 The quality of truffle plants or mushroom plants:

PLANTS TRUFFIERS and PLANT CHAMPIGNON ROBIN are recognized as the best and are the only products in the context of:

  • ISO 9001 quality assurance
  • INRA license and control
  • MPS A certification

2 The quality of the land:

  1. Geographical situation and climate
  2. Suitability of soil for truffle (physical and chemical quality)

3 The planting method (soil preparation, plant protection)

4 The possibility of irrigating

5 The interview

More details on the 5 fundamental factors for the success of a truffle and for the culture of mushrooms to discover in the rubrics which are related below:

PLANTS TRUFFIERS ROBIN PLANT FUNGI ROBIN The geographic location The grounds The Plantation * Method * * Irrigation Maintenance
3 year old truffle oak mycorrhizal with Tuber melanosporum Mycorhizal black pine with Yellow Boletus Suillus Luteus Pedoclimatic zone potentially conducive to truffle farming Analyze de Sol ROBIN planting planting