Cork slab Robin HPK

Cork slab Robin HPK


Light and compact, flexible and resistant, the ROBIN HPK biodegradable mulching tile is a 100% natural product. Easy to install, it offers excellent durability compared to other biodegradable mulch. Waterproof, this mulch tile ensures a good maintenance of the humidity at the foot of the plants while pushing back the herbaceous competition.


Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount Final price
10 -0.15 € 3.05 €
100 0.16 € 2.74 €
1000 0.39 € 2.51 €
3000 0.54 € 2.36 €

- Density : 400 kg / m3
- Thickness : 3 mm
- Life span: 3 / 4 years
- Composition: agglomerated cork (biodegradable mixture of natural cork granules and synthetic resin completely inert after polymerization under the action of heat)

Caution: For a total efficiency, the cork slab must be fixed with 2 or 3 metallic staples, depending on the size of the slab.

Pro tip: In order to obtain the best effect on your truffle plants, we advise you to opt for the 70 cm or 1m diameter slab, as smaller slabs will have a much less significant effect.


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