Robin protection

You are getting ready to plant truffle plants? In order to optimize the success of your plantation, we strongly advise you to protect your plants efficiently against game, but also to mulch at the foot of the plants.

Robin Nurseries offers you a complete range of protection and mulching products selected for their quality and efficiency. Find this range of accessories and essential tools to protect and accompany the development of your truffle plants, your young trees and shrubs (climatic sheaths, anti-game protection sheaths, support stakes, mulching cloths and tiles...).

Mulching and plantation protection accessories

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Mulch and protect your plants to encourage their recovery

We remind you that the rate of our guarantee of recovery on ROBIN truffle plants, which is 80%, will be increased to 100% if the plants are protected by a windbreak protection sheath or mixed mesh, and mulched with a cork mulching slab such as HPK Robin (or by a polyethylene film unrolled with the machine).

All our protection products (tools as well as accessories) are available in several formats/sizes to best meet your needs.