Mixed mesh climatic duct

Mixed mesh climatic duct


Double-mesh sheath to protect young plantations (to be installed around young truffle plants). In addition to protection against game, the mixed mesh climatic sheath provides protection against the wind and acts as a shade. Its double mesh gives it a better resistance to tearing.


Volume discounts

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10 0.23 € 2.09 €
50 0.44 € 1.88 €
500 0.56 € 1.76 €

- 3x3 mm mesh lined with a 2.7x2.7 cm reinforced mesh for better resistance to tearing
- Black sheath with 4 folds for easy installation

For protection against rabbits or hares, it is recommended to use a protective sheath of at least 60 cm height to be fixed with 2 curved steel stakes of 80 or 100 cm height. For an effective protection against deer, it is necessary to use a 120 cm high protection sheath (to be held with 2 stakes of 150 cm).


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