The environment preservation is at the heart of the production methods of Robin Nurseries

Robin Nurseries and the environmental protection

Sustainable development has become a major concern, and not only for the global community. At ROBIN Nurseries, the concern for the environment and sustainable development is reflected in specific working methods and a reasoned approach to the production of products.

ROBIN Nurseries, a company committed to the fight against waste

The framing of all our activities in a Quality system implies, in addition to an approach of permanent improvement, a rigorous organization and a rationalization of the working methods, which have for consequence a reduction of waste in any kind, which is positive for the environment.

MPS certification of our nurseries for the environment preservation

Robin Nurseries, an MPS A+ certified companyTo go further in the environmental respect, we have been committed since 2009 in a process of MPS certification. This international label, specific to horticultural and nursery production, certifies a reasoned approach to environmental impact.

The MPS approach commits us to sustainable development by gradually decreasing the use of pesticides, fertilizers, energy and treating waste responsibly. The method consists of a rigorous and continuous recording of the products used, monitored monthly by the certifying body MPS; it evaluates the company's consumption, and takes into account the surfaces and type of crops, compared to consumption standards established by the MPS organization from all MPS members.

Our commitment to the MPS approach obliges us to reduce each year our consumption of pesticides, fertilizers and energy in a dynamic of permanent improvement that our quality organization makes possible. Since the beginning of the process, our efforts in environmental matters, on the limitation of inputs, have been recognized by the attribution of the highest qualification. And our environmental commitment has not wavered, thus, to this day: ROBIN Nurseries are still certified MPS A+, the highest qualification of the MPS environmental standard.

By committing to the MPS standard, we demonstrate our environmental commitment.

MPS in figures in 2019 :

  • World : 3 100 certified producers, 31 500 hectares
  • France : 94 certified producers, 2 900 hectares of nursery and horticulture crops.