Truffle inoculum

Do you want to improve the yield of your truffle fields? ROBIN Nurseries offers you a range of inoculums composed of vermiculite enriched with carefully selected and controlled truffle spores in order to guarantee an optimal development of your truffles. Our inoculum is proposed in 5 liters bag containing 50 millions spores of Tuber magnatum or Tuber melanosporum or Tuber aestivum var. uncinatum.

Our range of ready-to-use truffle inoculum

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An inoculum specifically dedicated to truffle reseeding

The contribution of inoculum rich in truffle spores in the soil of an orchard aims to recreate the specific conditions for the development of mycelium, an essential prerequisite for the formation of young truffles. This operation ensures the perpetuation of mycorrhizae and the fruiting of truffle plantations.

If several methods allow the reseeding of a truffle field (truffle traps, furrows...), all of them rely above on the use of a very good quality inoculum. This is why Robin Nurseries offers a complete range of truffle reseeding substrates whose composition is rigorously controlled. Thus, each truffle entering in the composition of our inoculum is subjected to a double control: a first morphological control realized under microscope by the ROBIN Nurseries + a second biomolecular control realized in the laboratory of the INRAE (the whole with the aim of guaranteeing you the quality and the purity of the inoculum).

Truffle spore substrate for truffle traps

The Robin truffle inoculum range is particularly suitable for the realization of truffle traps. Its implementation is done by accentuating the spore contribution on 3 to 4 holes previously dug (with a spade or an auger) around the truffle plant (at a distance of about 40 to 50 centimeters from the trunk depending on the size of the tree). Each hole, 20 to 25 cm in diameter and 25 to 30 cm deep, then receives a large handful of inoculum before being filled in with a soil + inoculum mixture.