Truffle beeches

Second most common species after the oak, the beech, also usually called "European beech", covers about 10% of the French forests. Known by all, it is also a very good host for the development of truffles. This is why, for your truffle orchard, we offer you truffle beech plants from our controlled mycorrhization laboratories. These plants are certified by the INRA and are your guarantee of obtaining high-performance plants, capable of producing truffles. Our truffle beech trees are mycorhized in order to become hosts of a unique variety of truffles: the Burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum).

Truffle beech plants ready to be planted

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Truffle production from a beech tree plant

The beech is a hardy tree that can thrive even on poor limestone soils. It can withstand drought, poor or fertile soils, and combines many of the skills needed to cohabit with truffles.

Ability of the mycorrhizal beech to produce truffles

The beech is a deciduous tree that grows as well in the plains as in the middle mountains (up to 1500 m). Although rustic, it is still sensitive to very cold and hot weather. It prefers by far the clemency of temperate zone. Regarding its requirements, it particularly appreciates acidic and well-drained soils and a rather humid climate without being soggy. The root system of the beech is composed of numerous multidirectional roots often welded together, combined with running roots at ground level. This characteristic allows it to cover a large area and thus multiply the nutrient exchanges: a crucial ability for truffle production.

Which truffles to grow from a beech plant ?

The beech is a species that favors the conservation of soil fertility. It contributes to this by producing a large quantity of leaf litter which quickly decomposes into humus. In addition, its dense foliage provides shade and moisture. These two characteristics predispose the beech to the cultivation of the Burgundy truffle (tuber uncinatum). By choosing high quality truffle beech plants, you can expect a good yield of this truffle variety.

Need help ?In addition to the truffle beech, Robin Nurseries grows and offers other truffle plants ready to be planted. If you are not sure which tree species and truffle variety is best suited to your truffle project, contact our experts. They will be able to guide you, from the choice of your truffle plants to the harvesting of your truffles.