Truffle cedars

The cedar is a majestic tree native to North Africa that lends itself perfectly to truffle growing. Fast growing, the cedar is indeed one of the few forest species that are good truffle producers. That is why ROBIN nurseries offer truffle cedar plants from mycorrhized Atlas cedars. Produced under the control and license of INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research), they are the hosts of two species of truffles:

♦ the Burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum)
♦ the Black truffle or Perigord truffle (Tuber melanosporum)

Truffle cedar plants ready for planting

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Truffle production from a cedar plant

The Atlas cedar is a forest species that provides good truffle production, provided certain planting precepts are followed, whether in soil composition or planting density.

Ability of mycorrhized cedar to produce truffles

Thanks to the depth of its roots, the cedar tolerates both severe drought and cold periods (down to -20°C). Slow growing at the beginning, then average later on, its height and the shade it provides must however be controlled to favor truffle growing. Preferring clay-limestone soils, cool and moist in depth, the cedar tolerates irregular water conditions, but fears stagnant humidity. A well drained calcareous soil will therefore suit it perfectly.

What truffles to grow from a cedar plant

If its evergreen foliage (which generates shade and humidity) naturally "predisposes" it to the cultivation of the Burgundy truffle (tuber uncinatum), the cedar is also able to produce beautiful harvests of black truffles (tuber melanosporum) as soon as the conditions for their development are met. By choosing high quality truffle cedar plants, you can expect a good yield of both varieties of truffles.

Need help ?In addition to truffle cedars, Robin Nurseries offers a wide range of mycorrhizal truffle plants. If the choice between these different species and varieties of truffles seems difficult to you to operate, do not hesitate to contact our experts. They will be able to advise you and direct you towards the perfect tree/truff combo, the one that will perfectly match the characteristics of your soil and that will give the best results.