Truffle basswood

The basswood is an ornamental tree generally appreciated for its flowering. But it is also one of the tree species that live in symbiosis with the truffle. That is why, for your truffle orchard, we offer you truffle basswood plants produced under INRA control. Coming from the laboratories of the ROBIN nurseries, they are the fruit of innovations and a process called controlled mycorhization, which guarantees the obtaining of the most performing truffle plants. Our truffle lime trees are hosts to three species of truffles :

♦ the Burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum)
♦ the Périgord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) 
♦ the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)

Truffle basswood plants ready to be planted

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Truffle production from a basswood plant

Although still little used in orchards (compared to other species), the basswood is an excellent truffle producer. It is not very sensitive to drought and can be pruned well. It is a good alternative for the production of tuber melanosporum or tuber uncinatum.

Ability of the mycorrhized basswood to produce truffles

The basswood is a tree that ensures a good production of truffles. Very similar to the hazelnut tree in field conditions, it shows an average growth. The truffle basswood thrives on rich and fresh soils, preferably soft and very aerated. It is very resistant to winter frost and can be planted at altitudes of up to 1400 meters. It likes light but can tolerate half-shade, so a southern, south-eastern or south-western exposure will suit it perfectly. The basswood also has tracing roots that occupy the ground over several square meters. In addition to the solid anchoring that this root system gives it in the wind, it greatly favors the nutrient exchanges that are conducive to the development of the truffle.

Which truffles to grow from a basswood plant ?

Because of its characteristics and its preferred soil, the basswood is naturally inclined to the farming of Burgundy truffles. Thanks to controlled mycorrhization, this aptitude is reinforced and declined so that with our different truffle lime plants, you will be able to harvest three varieties of truffles in a few years: the Burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum), the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum). All of them thrive alongside the basswood, a tree that is now becoming an essential part of truffle growing.

Need help ?Robin Nurseries develops different truffle tree plants. If you are not sure which tree species and truffle variety is best suited to your land, contact our experts. They will be able to advise you, from the choice of your truffle plants to the harvesting of the truffles, including the storage of the plants, the density of your plantation and the maintenance of the trees.