Young plants

Discover our wide range of young forestry plants ready to be planted. Whether deciduous, coniferous or ornamental trees, Robin Nurseries cultivates no less than 125 different species to meet your reforestation, planting or landscaping needs. In addition to the traditional young plants (beech, oak, hazelnut, fir, larch...) we also offer HIGH PERFORMANCE® mycorrhizal plants intended for replanting in difficult terrain (polluted sites, burnt areas, compacted soils ....)

Young forestry plants ready to be planted

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Replanting and reforestation plants

As a forest nursery with a long and extensive experience in the mycorrhization of young forestry plants, ROBIN Nurseries is a major player in reforestation and reforestation programs in France and more widely in Europe. By providing each year several tens of thousands of young deciduous or coniferous plants, Robin Nurseries contributes to the renewal of forests, real green lungs, so precious today !