Tuber Magnatum - Mycorrhizal ROBIN Truffle plants with Tuber Magnatum: Truffle Oak.

Tuber Magnatum:

Tuber Magnatum

Tuber Magnatum, sometimes called "White Truffle" or "White Alba Truffle" , is an excellent edible present mainly in Italy. It is the most famous and the most expensive of the truffles.
Tuber Magnatum was described and named by Pico in 1788, Latin magnatus in reference to great men, lords.

Tuber Magnatum's host forest species are very numerous, the most well known and the most used is the pubescent oak.

Tuber Magnatum is to be enjoyed with an incomparable fragrance and a captivating aroma.
Spores of Tuber Magnatum

1 st World: Robin Nurseries got the 1st mycorrhizae of Tuber magnatum on Truffiers Robin Plants nursery, confirmed by bio-molecular analysis.

Identification of Tuber melanosporum:

Detail of a mycorrhiza

Mycorrhizae of Tuber magnatum obtained according to the INRA-ROBIN process

ROBIN nurseries has been working for many years on mycorrhization with Tuber magnatum and obtained, as early as 2000, mycorrhizae from this truffle.

In 1997, INRA signed a research contract with the Aprotruffe association for the development of a new process aimed at controlling mycorrhization for the production of Tuber magnatum. As part of this research, as early as 2002, a mycorhization process with Tuber Magnatum was developed by Gérard CHEVALIER and Chantal DUPRE, of the Joint Research Unit on Plant Health and Improvement of the INRA-UBP Research Center in Clermont. -Ferrand -Theix.
This method, and mycorhization control methods, required further development work to produce a reliable method for large scale production of mycorrhizal plants by Tuber magnatum. In 2004 with the approval of the association Aprotruffe, ROBIN Nurseries and INRA decided to collaborate within the framework of a research and development project. This program aims to increase the effectiveness of white truffle (Tuber magnatum) mycorhization at the laboratory scale, then at the nursery production scale, and to validate the development of Tuber magnatum mycorrhizae. experimental truffles on mycorrhizal plants by the INRA-ROBIN process.
The joint realization of the research and development work has significantly increased the effectiveness of mycorrhization by Tuber magnatum, ROBIN Nurseries have decided to lift the license option on the INRA-ROBIN process and the know-how INRA in order to exploit it as of the 2008-2009 season.

Mycorrhizal ROBIN truffle oaks with Tuber magnatum.

Truffle oak (Quercus pubescens) mycorrhized with Tuber magnatum, 1 year old, raised in Robin ANTI-CHIGNON® cup R430 cm3

modified INRA-RGB logotype
Since the fall of 2009, we have been offering our customers truffle oaks ROBIN (Quercus pubescens) mycorrhized with Tuber magnatum products under license and INRA control according to the INRA-ROBIN process.

Magnatum label

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